Advisor Update | January 29, 2019
Business owners and executives have several non-qualified plan options when it comes to funding their retirement and addressing estate planning and buy/sell objectives. With this Business Analyzer tool, you can help your business-owner clients determine which option may be best.
Employer retirement plans are a great place to start, but encouraging your clients to explore additional savings options might benefit their future. Click here to find out more.
Yesterday, January 28, 2019, PruLife® Survivorship Index UL improved with enhancements that will deliver more value and choice to clients than ever before. Click here to read more. 
Here’s a client-approved video that can help you educate your clients about the benefits of permanent life insurance. Sending this video can help get a client or prospect engaged ahead of your meeting or reinforce the messages from an in-person meeting or phone call. 
Got a client planning to use a large dump-in payment or 1035 exchange for premium funding? By using the new Dollar Cost Averaging Rider on select UL products, your clients’ premium payments are split into regular interval disbursements instead of being paid entirely on a single day. Click here to learn more .
Click here for the latest Underwriting Dialogue Newsletter focused on Metabolically Healthy Obesity. Learn the characteristics, symptoms, diagnosis, and how it affects client underwriting .
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