Advisor Update| June 11, 2019
In today’s highly competitive job market, offering creative and innovative compensation packages is critical in recruiting, retaining and rewarding top talent. In lieu of cash rewards , split-dollar loans can be an attractive benefit for key employees. Click here to see this concept in action.
As your clients are thinking about the legacy they want to leave, for their family or their favorite cause, you want to be sure you are the advisor who is helping them plan and fund it. Go here for an informative brochure to get the conversation started.
The new Lincoln unified life insurance application and Tele-App ticket has integrated all life insurance product processes into one streamlined approach and enables a seamless transition from one product to another – saving time and creating a better experience for you and your clients. To make the process easier, click here for the details.
Are your clients planning to tie the knot? Take time to wrap up the details of their financial future, too. Discussing these 6 hot topics about their money and goals can help them build a happier life together.
Some clients are fortunate to have defined benefit pension plans, but they may be leaving money on the table. Help clients maximize retirement benefits using life insurance with Pension Max. Go here to learn more about this concept.
One of the wisest things anyone can do to prepare for their financial future is learn about long-term care services. Knowing and understanding the choices puts your clients in a better position to make wise decisions and avoid stress if care is needed. Click here for a comprehensive LTC guide.
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