Advisor Update| June 9, 2020
Click here for updated carrier programs, focused on the fluidless aspects of accelerated underwriting.
For your small business-owner clients, financial planning can be complex. That’s because in addition to being a “key person” to their company, small business owners are often essential to their family’s current and future financial security. You can help clients meet these challenges by offering life insurance in a “personal key person” plan that’s customized to meet your clients’ specific needs. Click here for a client guide.
There are competitive weight ranges for clients with substandard build. Even better: table ratings will be based off Standard Plus rates! Click  here  for Underwriting Substandard Build Chart.
The SECURE Act changed the ability of some beneficiaries to stretch the money in the account over their lifetime. If your client’s legacy plan involved a “stretch IRA”, it’s a good idea to do a beneficiary review and see how they might be affected by the SECURE Act. Go here for all the details.
Living longer is a reality and planning for it is a necessity! Clients are concerned about the rising cost of health care and outliving their savings. By planning now, clients can put a plan in place to help with unexpected health care expenses in the future and to help ensure their retirement savings can be used for what it was originally intended for. Click here for a case study.
Today from  12:30 – 4:30 PM EDT! This  four-hour educational session is the perfect opportunity to invest in your personal growth and take your Asset-Based long-term care business to the next level. Register here and explore what awaits you during Care Solutions University!
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