Advisor Update| April 2, 2019
Business owners have a variety of planning needs. An effective way to approach them is by offering a complimentary informal business valuation and/or buy-sell agreement review. The resulting reports can offer important information that can lead to more sales opportunities. Click here for more information.
With IUL Protect, clients get clarity and straightforward performance with Extra Interest Credit. Make complex life insurance concepts simple. Go here for more information.
Of the $12 trillion life insurance protection gap, 1 in 2 U.S. households are existing policy owners with an average coverage gap of $225,000 per household. The greatest opportunity may be hiding in your book of business. Click here for a how-to guide.
PruFast Track is Prudential’s accelerated underwriting process that’s faster, less invasive, and more efficient than traditional underwriting. Experience the ease and convenience of PruFast Track today! Click here to watch a short video to learn more.
For clients seeking death benefit protection as well as a source of supplemental retirement income that offers more withdrawal flexibility than traditional retirement vehicles, show them how permanent life insurance, specifically Accumulation IUL '18, can help address their planning needs. Learn more here .
It's usually not in your client's best interest to take retirement distributions in years following a down market. Learn how an Income Advantage IUL policy can help provide an alternate source of income during these years. Click here for more information.
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