Advisor Update| October 22, 2019
Help clients ensure predictable and practical arrangements. With business owners, the opportunities for life insurance planning tend to be quite robust and often pertain to the part of the “lifecycle” the client’s business is in. Click here to learn more. 
Do your clients know that they can use permanent life insurance and the “Legacy Protect” strategy to make sure their family receives a legacy? And have assets for retirement and unexpected financial set-backs. Click here for more information. 
Your clients’ options as an IRA beneficiary depend on their relationship to the original account holder. Here's what they need to know before deciding how to move forward!
John Hancock Vitality can help clients with substandard ratings get the coverage they need and help them improve their health. Based on the success stories, they’re making some adjustments that will allow even more savings! Go here for all the details.
SVUL Protector now offers lifetime guarantees while maintaining the potential to accumulate meaningful cash value. Its re-pricing focuses on reduced pricing for the lifetime no-lapse guarantee, making it a strong solution for protection and wealth transfer. Click here to learn more.
Beginning January 1, 2020, any new life products issued must use the 2017 CSO Table. To recognize changes in population life expectancy, life insurance regulation requires an update of the standard mortality table.
Click here for a list of deadline dates.
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