Advisor Update| February 18, 2020
While the benefits of a deferred comp plan point to a win-win for the plan sponsor and participants, objections do come up. Learn about some common ones and effective ways to put plan sponsor minds at ease. 
If your clients expect to be in a high tax bracket in retirement or are worried about taxes rising, they can use cash value life insurance to help supplement their retirement income. Go here for more information. 
Tax season is a great time to discuss the advantages of an IUL policy. Use this newly updated Tax Bracket Risks Brochure to help explain the future tax benefits to your clients.
In case you missed it, Legal & General America implemented a new unisex build chart which significantly improved weight limits for females, particularly in the Preferred Plus class. Click here to view updated build charts.
Do you know clients that need life insurance and are concerned about the potential financial impact of a chronic illness? Share this consumer-approved infographic and help them plan for an uncertain future.  
We hope you can join us at our 2021 Sales Conference in Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda Beach Resort. Click here for more details. 
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