Dear Parents,
   Praying that this communication finds you family healthy and strong. Please know that I have been thinking and praying for you all. Our online Good Shepherd learning is ready to be posted, so let me explain how to locate and use it.

---You can find all of the lessons on our Parish website.

---On the homepage go to Good Shepherd, there you will find the lessons for the respective grade levels. 

---Please view the lesson with your children. If you feel it’s too long and the children get restless, view the lesson in 2 days. (esp. 3-6)

---We tried to make the lessons approx. 20 min. Shorter for the 3-6.

---Also available is: Communal prayer, Parents pages and Prayers the children should know as practicing Catholics.

---There will be no testing or written work required, just enjoy the lessons and discuss them with the children. Please pray the communal prayer with the children.

---Most lessons will be up by this FRIDAY November 13. THERE WILL BE A NEW LESSON EACH WEEK. This will take us into the New Year.

---Please check in late November as we will have special Presentations for Advent and Christmas.

---We don’t have the 9-12 Atrium lessons up yet, hopefully we tape them this week.

---Please view the Sunday mass with you children. It is very important during their formative years that they are participating in some way in their faith. During Atrium time each week the children make a visit to the church. Live streaming cannot replace that but we need to make the best of the challenging situation we are in. Please take our presentations seriously and participate with your child.

---If I can help in any way, or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at

Sr. Johnica