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May 2016
Reading Buddies Events
Learn the importance of reading with your children from birth!

 Reading Buddies Event with
The Erie Playhouse in Edinboro
Saturday, May 7 | 11:00 AM -12:30 PM
County YMCA | 12285 YMCA Dr., Edinboro, PA 16412

Join the cast of the Erie Playhouse Youtheatre Production of Rapunzel. The characters will do activities with the kids while parents and other caring adults participate in a Reading Buddies training. Everyone will come together at the end for a performance of a song from Rapunzel. All participating families will receive up to 4 free tickets to see the play and a free lunch is provided! 

Limited space is available - please  RSVP by 4:00 pm on May 4 to reserve your spot.

Reading Buddies at The Salvation Army
Thursday, May 26 | 10:30-11:30 AM
Salvation Army | 1022 Liberty St., Erie, PA 16502

J oin us for a Reading Buddies presentation, and come enjoy the new Imagination Library Reading Nook. Child watch will be provided. 
Please RSVP by 4:00pm on May 23.

T o find out about other family friendly events this month, check out the

Continue to practice Reading Buddies techniques to help your child develop language, communication and reading comprehension skills!
Grocery Store Literacy
A simple trip to the grocery store can turn into a real learning experience for your preschooler. Below are some easy ways to build literacy and math skills while getting your shopping done at the same time!

Focus on Reading:
Choose a letter as you're walking into the store. Make a game of finding things in the store that start with that letter.
For example, for the letter " p " you could find  peanuts, popcorn,  pineapp le, and  p izza . Emphasize the letter "p" and the sound it makes with each of your "p" words.

Focus on vocabulary:
Use food items to give your child practice with position words. Ask them to find something on  the  bottom  shelf or between other items.

Focus on math skills:
Look for  shapes  (e.g., circles, rectangles, or triangles) as you go through the store. Find a  shape , such as the  rectangle  on the front of a cereal box, and then look for other items with the same  shape .

You don't have to do all of these things each time you're at the store, but while you're there, find creative ways to turn your grocery store into a fun place of learning.
Building Your Child's Vocabulary

All parents want their child to do well when they get to school. One way to help your child is to help them build their vocabulary. 

Beginning readers use knowledge about words to help them make sense of what they're reading. The more words a reader knows,  the more they are able to comprehend what they're reading or listening to.  Talking to and reading with your child are two terrific ways to help them hear and read new words.

Sharing a new word with your child doesn't have to take a long time: just a few minutes to talk about the word and then focus back on the book or conversation. Choose which words to talk about carefully - choosing every new word might make reading seem like a chore. The best words to explore with your child are ones that are common among adult speakers but are less common to see in the books your child might read.
Talking starts with reading!

Reading to children at an early age is crucial to the development of their language skills.  Take time to make the most of reading time with your child.

Read to your young children early and frequently. It is never too  early to start reading to children and  that is why the Imagination Library begins at birth! 
Reading with babies and young children helps in many ways, including how many words they know, how they ta lk and how they learn to read. Research finds that reading to your child often helps to ensure that they will be successful in school and in life. Parents should try to read to their children  every day Read more tips and ideas


Read Aloud Matters Guide

Read it again! Go ahead and read your child's favorite book for the 100th time.  Repetition is how children learn to associate sounds with letters and words with meaning.

For more reading tips, check out  Tools & Tips for Reading with Children .

Download a Reading Guide for the Im agination Library book  "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson.
If you are not receiving the books from the Imagination Library contact  Joanna Peters  at 814.456.2937  or
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On Fridays this spring, children 5 and under along with parents, grandparents and friends who nurture them are invited to Play to Learn with the Erie County Public Library and  expERIEnce Children's Museum  at the Blasco Library. 

Events are at 10am and are free. The final one of the series will be May 20 . Learn more
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