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March 2016
Reading Buddies Events
Learn the importance of reading with your children from birth!

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Continue to practice the Reading Buddies techniques to help your child develop language, communication, and reading comprehension skills!
Save the Date!
The Erie Playhouse will be presenting a musical adaptation of the Imagination Library book, My Lucky Day. Performances are FREE to the public and will be held April 22 through April 24.

Imagination Library families are also welcome to stay after the performance for a Parent & Me session conducted by the staff of the Playtime Program. More details on ticket reservations will be shared soon on the Imagination Library Facebook page.
Technology and Literacy Development

Technology is an important part of our world and our youngest children interact with it on a daily basis

Because technology is so much a part of our everyday lives, parents may need to reconsider how they connect with their child during technology use.

Being an active participant in your child's exploration of technology can ensure that you are helping to develop their language skills.

Here are few things to keep in mind when using technology with your child:
  • Your child learns speech, language, and social skills from interacting with real people. Keep the focus on exploring the technology together by asking lots of questions using descriptive language.
  • Technology has a time and place, but moderation is key. Try replacing screen time with activities that encourage communication, critical thinking, and cognitive skills, such as story telling and singing.
  • Limit technology use within 2 hours of bedtime - the blue light from screens can make it harder to fall asleep. Try reading a story together to settle down and reflect on the day.
Simple, Yet Powerful Things to Do During A Read Aloud

Books are a terrific way to share the joys of reading. To get the most out of your time together, encourage your child to appreciate the pictures, but also guide their attention to the printed words. Doing so may help your child's grammar, spelling and comprehension skills when they get older.

Here are a few things to focus on when directing your child's attention to the print:
  • The organization of the book and print, which includes understanding the way the pages are read, the role of the author, and print direction. For example, "This is the top of the page. This is where I begin reading."
  • The meaning of the print. This includes pointing out specific words within a book and drawing the child's attention to the print.
  • The words, which includes helping your child recognize some written words, and the match between spoken words and written words. For example, "Let's point to each word as I read it. Ready?"

Read Aloud Matters Guide

Don't expect your little one to always sit still for a book.
Books featuring animals or machines invite movement and making sounds. Books with flaps or different textures to touch keep hands busy.  They may be moving, but they are listening.

For more reading tips, check out Tools & Tips for Reading with Children.

Download a Reading Guide for the Im agination Library book  "Pretend" by Jennifer Plecas
If you are not receiving the books from the Imagination Library contact  Joanna Peters  at 814.456.2937  or
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On Fridays this spring, children 5 and under along with parents, grandparents and friends who nurture them are invited to Play to Learn with the Erie County Public Library and  expERIEnce Children's Museum  at the Blasco Library. 

Events will be at 10am and are free in the Storytime Room March 18, April 15 and May 20 . Learn more
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