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August 2016
Reading Buddies Events
Learn the importance of reading with your children from birth!

 Reading Buddies at the JFK National Night Out
Tuesday, August 2 | 6:00-7:00 PM
2021 East 20th St., Erie, PA 16501

Reading Buddies resources will be available throughout the evening in the Imagination Library Reading Nook or outside, weather permitting. Join us for a chance to win a $25 Walmart gift card or a Hallmark Story Buddy between 6-7pm. 

Reading Buddies at the  Edinboro  Branch Library
Monday, August 8 | 10:00-11:00 AM
412 W Plum St., Erie, PA 16511

All children ages 6 mo. through 5 yrs. are invited to attend the Storytime Program on Monday morning from 10:00-11:00am. Volunteers will read books to the children. Family storytime at the Edinboro Branch Library includes books, songs, movement, and crafts. On August 8th, a Reading Buddies presentation will also be open to parents and other caring adults.

To find out about other family friendly events this month, check out the  Reading Buddies Calendar .

Continue to practice Reading Buddies techniques to help your child develop language, communication and reading comprehension skills!
Need Help Finding An Early Learning Provider? 

You have options when it comes to the care for your child. Whether you need child care or an early learning program, you can find it here.

On the website you are able to s earch for an early learning center using zip code, address, or name of the provider, learn about regulations, explore the different quality programs, and even find activities that support your child's developmental milestones. You can also find information on making child care affordable for your family.
Environmental Print

Letters are all around us! Environmental print is the print of everyday life. It's the name given to the print that appears in signs, labels, and logos. Adults can take advantage of all this print by using it in ways to talk about letters, words, and print. Here are a few ideas:
  • Cereal boxes are colorful and interesting to look at. Ask your child to find the first letter of his name somewhere on the box. See if he can find other letters from his name too.
  • Choose a simple sign to focus on during one car trip (example: stop sign, pedestrian crossing, one way). Have your child count the number of signs seen along the way. Have your child read the sign, noticing that the same sign says the same message each time. Talk about the sounds of the letters you can hear ("The S makes the /ssssssss/ sound.")
  • Cut out familiar words from cereal boxes, labels from soup cans and from yogurt containers. Use these individual words ("Cheerios," "tomato," "Dannon") to talk about capital and lower case letters.
Your child can have fun learning to read even when books are not available. Environmental print provides lots of opportunities for kids to interact with letters, sounds, and words.

Talking starts with reading!

Reading to children at an early age is crucial to the development of their language skills.  Take time to make the most of reading time with your child.

Read to your young children early and frequently. It is never too  early to start reading to children and that is why the Imagination Library begins at birth! 
Reading with babies and young children helps in many ways, including how many words they know, how they talk and how they learn to read. Research finds that reading to your child often helps to ensure that they will be successful in school and in life. Parents should try to read to their children  every day.  

Read Aloud Matters Guide

Every day is an adventure when you're a toddler!
Choose books about everyday experiences and feelings. Your child will identify with the characters as they dress, eat, visit, nap, and play.

For more reading tips, check out  Tools & Tips for Reading with Children .

Download a Reading Guide for the Im agination Library book  "Old Bear and His Cub" by Oliver Dunrea.

If you are not receiving the books from the Imagination Library contact  Joanna Peters  at 814.456.2937  or
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You're invited to participate in a mind-expanding Summer Reading Challenge at the Erie County Public Library!  

Everyone who completes 5 hours of reading will receive a prize from one of the community sponsors and an entry into a grand prize drawing. Keep reading for more chances to win a grand prize!
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