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June 2015

Kindergarten readiness starts at birth. You can help your child understand that letters and words contain a message simply by talking with them about what you see. Talk with your child about signs along the road as you drive. Talk about the words on cereal boxes, labels at the store, etc. There are opportunities to learn everywhere! 
Summer Activities
The summer weather is here, and we want to help you find great activities to engage your children and have fun together. Summer is a great time to take a break from routine, but your child needs to continue learning and growing! We want to help your family avoid  Summer Learning Loss by letting you know about events happening around Erie. But, learning can happen at home, as well!  Why not grab a book and read outside? Make it an adventure. Act out the stories that you read about. Let your child use his or her imagination and see the world from a different point of view. 

Check out to see the calendar of fun family events for June!
Featured Resources

E.I. Times

The Early Intervention newsletter, the E.I. Times, includes a calendar each month with activities for young children. Check out the June calendar to find fun events that will encourage your child's growth and development. 


YMCA FREE Safety Around Water Program

Living so close to Lake Erie is just one of the many reasons why  everyone  needs to be aware of safety around water. With Summer quickly approaching, please make sure   you and your children  know how to be safe around water. This is not a swimming lesson, but a program for adults and children age 3+, especially non-swimmers, to learn important safety and survival skills to help reduce water-related accidents and drownings.  Registration is required - 899-9622. Offered at East, Rodger Young, Bayview and Columbus pools. Visit  for Summer 2015 locations and dates as well as information on other free programs this Summer.



If a child is not enjoying a story, finish faster by talking about the pictures instead of reading every word. Reading should be an enjoyable time. If children are not interested in a certain book, try to find a subject that interests them.


For more reading tips, check out Tools & Tips for Reading with Children.

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"Good Night, Gorilla" 

by Peggy Rathmann


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