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November 2019
Above: Veterans Day assembly at Gahanna Lincoln High School.
"Where Students Come First"
PROCEDURES For Inclement Weather
Dear Gahanna-Jefferson families,

As winter approaches, I want to provide information about the process we use to make decisions regarding closing school for inclement weather. There is no absolute formula for deciding to close school or stay open. Weather conditions can progress from mild to severe quickly, but we will do our best to inform you of a school closing as soon as we possibly can.  

When deciding to close school, we consider the following factors:

Snow and ice
  • Are the roads safe to drive?
  • Can students walk to school or their bus stops safely?

Temperature and wind chill
Using the National Weather Service wind chill chart as a guide for exposure time:
  • Are wind chill temperatures too cold for students to walk to and stand at bus stops?
  • Are wind chill temperatures too cold for students to walk to school?

Building conditions and parking lots
  • Are the building temperatures within normal range?
  • What is the condition of our parking lots?
  • Are the walkways and entrances safely accessible?

Even though weather forecasting technology has improved a great deal over the years, it is not an exact science. Sometimes forecasts are off, and we will do our best to gather all the information available to us to make a prudent decision. We consider student safety first and foremost, and we will make our decision based on their best interests. 

At approximately 4:15 a.m., a team of district leaders begins the process of making a decision concerning our ability to safely conduct school. We begin by driving different routes and areas of our district, covering the majority of district roads (including roads which have large hills, curves or exposure to drifting.) Our purpose is to determine if it is safe to have buses and student drivers on the road, and if conditions are safe for students who walk to school. Fortunately, we have outstanding service from the City of Gahanna and Jefferson Township road crews, who work through the night to clear and salt roads for morning commutes. We analyze weather reports and updates from the Gahanna Police to make a decision by 5:30 a.m.

On days we decide to close school, we will use our email messenger system to inform you, as well as post the information on our website and social media channels ( Facebook, Instagram and Twitter .) The following media outlets will be notified: WTVN, WCOL (FM & AM/WJFX), WCLT, WKRZ, WMNI-AM, WUFM, WCMH NBC4, WBNS 10TV, WSYX ABC6, WTTE FOX28 and The Columbus Dispatch.


Steve Barrett
Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools
HERE COMES THE BUS A New App for Families
Please visit the GJPS website for more information about Here Comes the Bus.
After a few years of holding a Family Math Night and a Family Science Night on separate evenings, Royal Manor Elementary combined the programs for their First Annual Family STEM Night. We think it was a huge success.

Ask a Scientist
Fun with Robots
Family Time is the Best Time
#theGJPSway for Gahanna Residents in Need
As you walk through the halls of Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools, you are likely to see many moments of kindness. Someone holding a door, picking up a dropped notebook for a fellow student, or simply giving a smile to someone who could use a boost. During this Thanksgiving season, students, staff and administrators of the district are expressing their gratitude for #theGJPSway.

Take a look at how just a couple of our middle schools have been working hard to support the efforts of Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN) .
GLHS FRESHMAN RETREAT And a Pledge to Graduate
Freshmen at Gahanna Lincoln High School are given support throughout their first year. On the first day of school, the LINK Crew welcomes hundreds of ninth-graders with many activities to introduce these freshmen to each other and to Gahanna Lincoln High School. As the year continues, so does the support these student receive.

Watch video for information about the GLHS Freshman Retreat.
Students from the freshman class sign the Pledge to Graduate.
These freshmen like the feel of the GLHS caps and gowns.
October 2019
What's for dinner?
Maybe we can help with a FUNDRAISING RESTAURANT NIGHT!  
Here is a list of fundraising opportunities available at local eateries to support organizations, clubs and sports teams at Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools.

Please bookmark and check this list often before heading out to your favorite restaurant and consider supporting our GJPS students!
Nov 27-29  Thanksgiving Holiday - No School
Dec 8 Holiday Choir concert GLHS 
Dec 9   Canceled: Coffee with Superintendent
Dec 15 Holiday Band Concert GLHS
Dec 21  End of Second Quarter
Dec 23 - Jan 3  Winter Break - No School
Jan 6  Teacher PD Day - No School
Jan 7 Back to School After Winter Break
Jan 20 Martin Luther King Day - No School
Feb 14 Teacher Comp Day - No School
Feb 17 President's Day - No School
Feb 24 Teacher PD Day - No School
Feb 29 GJEF Gahanna Gala, 6:30, COSI

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