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    March 3, 2017  
   This message sent to all current officers in our database.
Election of Officers

PTA elections are conducted as directed in the bylaws and in the PTA Toolkit.

Please follow the election script [click here].  Please read it before the election meeting and be prepared with ballots and tellers for a contested election. If you anticipate a contested election, please contact your council or Sixth District.

If a nominating committee was elected at an association meeting:

Nominating chair presents the slate of nominees.

The president then rereads the report and asks each nominee to rise. With each position, the president also asks,
  • "According to our bylaws, nominations from the floor are now in order. For president, ______________ is nominated. Are there further nominations from the floor?"
If an office has no candidate, for that position, the president would say instead,
  • "According to our bylaws, nominations from the floor are now in order. For president, there is no candidate. Is there a nomination from the floor?"

If the nominating committee was NOT elected at an  association  meeting
  • ALL nominations must come from the floor.  

  • If there are no nominations from the floor, a voice vote can be held for those positions.
  • If there is a nomination from the floor for a position, then a ballot vote must be held for that position.
  • A ballot election must also be held at the request of any member of the association.
Any challenge to an election must be made at the election meeting.

There is more information about running a successful election on the CAPTA website: and in the Toolkit.
The Sixth District and your council leadership team are happy to help with election issues - please contact Sixth District or your council if you have questions or need support.
Elena Shea
Sixth District PTA President

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