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Jonathan Wichmann for Governor of Wisconsin

For those who have received information regarding Jonathan Wichmann's candidacy for Governor of Wisconsin, education is our goal. We feel it incumbent upon us to educate people on Wichmann's stand on the legalization of marijuana. On his web site, he states:I

"...I am Pro-Cannabis and will work to legalize both for medical and general use. ..."

The information listed below will help you make a better informed, educated decision regarding our past history with the attempted legalization of marijuana in St. Croix County. Gov. Tony Evers is also for the legalization of hallucinogenics (pot/dope/marijuana/cannabis) in Wisconsin.

In 2018, The St. Croix County Administration Committee tried to have a referendum ballot question be placed on the ballot. Ultimately, that initiative failed 9-8 because the Administration Committee bypassed testimony and input from St. Croix County Board committees, i.e., Judiciary Committee, Public Safety, Health and Human Services, law enforcement and others. There was an overflow crowd in attendance to speak against the marijuana referendum on August 7, 2018.

Please view these meeting videos for past history regarding this issue. We have enough problems with crossover crimes from Minnesota. Do we need more?

Here is a link to more information regarding the Wisconsin Marijuana Legalization effort from 2018:

Smart Approaches to Marijuana Hear the Stories of Marijuana's Victims

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