Adverse Events Following Covid-19 Vaccination Reported to the CDC

The following is a summary of Informed Choice Maryland's weekly published reports on adverse events following Covid-19 vaccination. These reports aggregate data extracted from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database, a voluntary reporting system established in 1990 by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to capture information on adverse events following vaccination.

Week of Friday, July 9th
(VAERS data updated through 7/2/2021)

  • This week the number of adverse events associated with Covid-19 vaccination reported to VAERS climbed to 438,441, a 1.4% increase of 26,510 reports over last week, representing 35% of all events ever captured by VAERS since its inception. Notably, deaths associated with Covid vaccines jumped to 9,048 deaths, marking a huge 2,043 increase this week. The majority of new deaths reported, 73%, were of unknown age and either unknown or foreign location. 88 deaths occurred in subjects under 30 years old, or 1% of all deaths - in a population with statistically minimal risk of death from Covid-19. Deaths associated with Covid-19 vaccines now comprise 51% of all deaths ever reported to VAERS.

  • Among those reported deaths, 5,734 deaths occurred in the U.S., pushing the proportion of reported deaths associated with Covid-19 vaccination to a staggering 56% of all U.S. deaths ever reported to VAERS - the number of deaths after Covid-19 vaccination has surpassed the number of all other deaths reported (4,549) by a significant margin.

  • There were 766 new adverse events reported among children under age 18 this week, totaling 13,927 reported adverse events among children associated with Covid-19 vaccinations. The number of reported deaths among children increased from 16 to 17, continuing to tick upwards without additional comment from government agency officials.

  • There were 8,611 adverse events reported in Maryland, up 158 from 8,453 reported last week, including 75 deaths - up 1 from last week. Roughly half the deaths occurred in subjects under 65 years old.

  • There were 7,393 reported blood clots and/or thrombotic events this week, of which 528 were deaths, with the total number of events climbing 852 from 6,541 last week.

  • There were 1,845* reports of carditis this week, of which 29 were deaths and 304 were life-threatening, with the total number of events up 229 from 1,616 last week. This week 353 carditis events, including 50 which were life-threatening, were reported among children under 18 years old. Fully 19% of the carditis events were reported in children, with 51% of all reported carditis events occurring in patients under 30 years old.

  • In addition to analyzing VAERS data, Informed Choice Maryland is monitoring growing numbers of Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths within vaccinated populations. We noted that per Israeli public health data, hospitalizations and deaths among vaccinated Israelis are sharply increasing.

*The criteria for our VAERS Covid-19 Carditis Report has changed. We have eliminated 14 cases of endocarditis in our report to remain consistent with the CDC statistics, which aren't including or considering cases of endocarditis (please see the specific criteria listed in the heading of each weekly report).

Please Note: VAERS is a voluntary reporting system which the FDA estimates may capture 1-10% of adverse events following vaccinations. A 2010 Harvard University study commissioned by the CDC found that fewer than 1% of adverse events are likely captured in VAERS. The data extracted to create ICM VAERS reports may grossly under-represent the real volume of adverse events which occur following vaccinations.

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