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Debby Jackson, Exec. Director, Transportation Development Assoc. of Wisconsin talks with Jerry Deschane, the League's Exec. Director for the League's Local Perspective. As Debby says, "we need to maintain our progress" made recently, focus on telling our stories to demonstrate the need for additional funding, while working toward a sustainable future.
Communities Keep Up with Aging Infrastructure
March, The Municipality, pg. 16
Debby Jackson, Executive Director, Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin

Officials in the Village of Blanchardville, a community of fewer than 1,000 residents, had no choice but to think about what lay beneath their streets. The more than 40-year-old water and wastewater systems affecting six village streets were failing. Water main breaks and wastewater system infiltrations were becoming more common.

Information about the USDA RD Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program used by the Village of Blanchardville.
The History of a Wisconsin Water Utility

How did a UW undergrad's cutting-edge chemistry experiments in 1880 jumpstart Madison Water Utility? A look at the Utility's unique history and promising future. Watch the video.

From Lake Michigan to Your Tap! How Green Bay Water Delivers Safe, Clean Water
March, The Municipality, Read the article on pg. 4
Nancy Quirk, P.E., General Manager & Andrea Hay, Director of Communications, Green Bay Water Utility
A Wisconsin Wastewater Treatment Plant

Fond du Lac's treatment plant provides one example of how wastewater is processed in Wisconsin's municipalities. Watch the video.

How Wastewater Treatment Works
March, The Municipality, Read the article on pg. 8
Sam Warp Jr., Wastewater Superintendent, City of Marshfield
What is PFAS?

Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of man-made chemicals that includes PFOA, PFOS, GenX, and many other chemicals. PFAS have been manufactured and used in a variety of industries around the globe, including in the United States since the 1940s. Read more...

Check out the League's PFAS information.
PFAS & Wisconsin Drinking Water Systems
March, The Municipality, pg. 12

PFAS and Wastewater Facilities
March, The Municipality, pg. 14
Paul G. Kent and Vanessa D. Wishart, Stafford Rosenbaum LLP

Group Advocates on Stormwater Issues
March, The Municipality, pg. 17
Curt Witynski, Deputy Executive Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities

Shared Revenue: Helping Fund Police and Other Services
March, The Municipality, pg. 19
Curt Witynski, Deputy Executive Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities

If you haven't already, please adopt the League's Sample Shared Revenue Resolution.

Shared Revenue funding supports the ongoing cost of emergency services, parks and recreation, maintenance and fuel, etc. (Whereas the American Rescue Plan funding is one-time and is not meant to be used for ongoing expenses.)
Brownies, Brains, and Information Habits
Part 1
March, The Municipality, pg. 21
Eric Giordano, PhD, Executive Director, Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service, University of Wisconsin System

Social science research shows over and over again that people with deeply held political convictions – irrespective of political ideology – can consume the exact same information yet come to opposite conclusions about what is true. In other words, accessing shared facts is not enough to change minds. To make matters worse, it is not clear that we are even consuming the same information. Read the article (PDF)
Leading with Humility - Todd's Conversation with Clerk Nancy Zastrow

Coming to you from the only Waunakee and the only Ixonia in the world, Todd Schmidt, Waunakee Village Adm. and League Board President talks with Nancy Zastrow, Town of Ixonia Clerk/Treasurer. Nancy has worked at the city, village, town and county level and has found that leading with humility has helped her in her career. Watch the video.
Todd welcomes your stories of leadership and humility. Contact him at email
Legal Articles
Ten Tips for Using Your Municipal Attorney More Effectively
March, The Municipality, pg. 25
Claire Silverman, Legal Counsel, League of Wisconsin Municipalities

Officers 763R1 The municipal attorney can play a valuable role in helping a municipality carry out its responsibilities and accomplish its objectives in a lawful manner. This legal comment explains what the municipal attorney does and offers some tips for using the municipal attorney more effectively  Read the article. (PDF)
Recruiting & Maintaining Employees at Green Bay Water
March, The Municipality, pg. 28
Nancy Quirk, P.E., General Manager & Andrea Hay, Director of Communications, Green Bay Water Utility

Workforce strategies represent a critical management element in the water industry and throughout local government. Such strategies include building resources to attract, recruit, train, and retain talented and skilled employees and best practices for succession planning. Read the column. (PDF)

All HR Matters columns are posted on the League's website for reference.
The Latest Covid-19 Information
Vaccine Information – from DHS:

Individuals with certain medical conditions who have a greater risk of severe infection from COVID-19 became eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination starting on March 22.  
Individuals who are eligible because of a medical condition do not need to provide health records indicating physician diagnoses of these conditions. Instead, they need to sign an attestation to the fact that they meet the current eligibility criteria. Attestation forms are stored on site for the day of the vaccination clinics and then disposed of with other personal health information (PHI). Forms are not retained by DHS. 
How to schedule a vaccination appointment 
·       Use this map to locate contact information for sites offering vaccination in your area;  
·       Register on Wisconsin Vaccine Registry for an appointment at a community-based vaccination clinic or with the local health department; 
·       Call (844) 684-1064 with questions about vaccination or for assistance with registering for a vaccination. Assistance is available in several languages, including Spanish, Hmong, Mandarin, Hindi, and Somali.  

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