Don’t bet against America’s shale producers. Every oil market analyst should know this by now, but many still can’t resist calling an end to the shale boom.

Most recently, experts said shale oil production would peak soon as U.S. drilling activity ebbed and companies moved operations to less productive “tier-two” acreage.

The expectation was that the productivity of prime “tier-one” acreage would fall, ultimately...Read More>>>
The last time Vermont's sole natural gas utility sought to significantly expand its service area, it set off a firestorm. Vermont Gas Systems' push to build a 41-mile pipeline to Middlebury fueled climate protests against "fracked gas" and spawned multiple lawsuits.

VGS is now proposing a more modest pipeline project in Franklin County that has attracted little public attention or outcry from environmental groups.

Until now...
Douglas Pipeline can provide all of the services, expertise, and experience necessary to develop and construct natural gas and RNG pipeline systems.

We provide a one-stop shop for natural gas pipeline project development. Here is an overview of the services we provide...
A new reactor at Georgia’s Vogtle nuclear power plant is now in commercial operation, according to an announcement from Georgia Power, one of the plant’s owners. It is the first new nuclear reactor to start up in the United States since the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Watts Bar 2 was commissioned in 2016.

The new 1,114 megawatt (MW) Unit 3 reactor joins two existing reactors at Plant Vogtle, which is jointly owned by Georgia Power and three other electric utility companies. The plant’s first two reactors, with a combined 2,430 MW of nameplate capacity, came...Read More>>>
Industry News
Much-needed changes to our nation’s permitting process will fully unlock the benefits Pennsylvania-produced natural gas delivers: energy security, lower energy costs, and continued environmental progress.

Yet attempts to block needed pipeline projects have become so extreme, the U.S. Supreme Court is forced to intervene.
Consider Appalachia, America’s largest natural gas producing region, is cited as one of the biggest players in maintaining domestic production and balancing...Read More>>>
Our Services Include:

  • Annual reporting
  • Leak surveys
  • Line markers
  • Public awareness programs
  • Cathodic Protection surveys and troubleshooting problems
  • Preparing an emergency response manual
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