October, 2016

Pull Tab Time Saver
In a recent change to eliminate preparation steps, we implemented preloaded batteries. Pumps now arrive with the batteries preloaded and a pull tab to activate the battery connection. This is a nursing time saver with proven success.

"The battery pull tabs work great. No searching for the batteries or the battery cover in the box or bag when jostled in shipment. They are both there and ready to go! Just pull the tab and you're ready for the screen scroll. No missing the programmed numbers while trying to get the cover on the back. All attention is focused on the screen now! It helps to avoid possible errors. " 
- Kathy Cope 
Texas Spine and Joint 
InfuBLOCK is making it easier for your patients to return their pump box with the US Postal Service. Pain Management patients will soon be getting pump return boxes with USPS labels instead of FedEx. No more trips to drop off the pump and box for return shipping. Your patients can conveniently place it in their mailbox or hand it to their mail carrier. Our new USPS prepaid/labeled boxes will begin to arrive at your facility as early as October 18th. Please ensure rotation of stock to use all remaining FEDEX boxes before implementing the new USPS boxes. 
Did you Know? 
You can run reports in BlockPain Dashboard for facility activity, pain scores, and patient satisfaction.  Curious about the hotline calls for your facility? Now you can run a summary report for that too.  The reports can be useful to identify trends or recurring issues to be addressed. 
Just log into the BlockPain Dashboard, click on the reports tab, and select the report and date range you want to run. Click Run Report at top of screen. 
For Example: 
If  there are a series of high pain scores, running a report to identify if there is a pattern can be a useful tool to help eliminate any issues.

Friendly Reminder: 
Nov 6, 2016 Daylight Saving Time Ends 
Sunrise and sunset will be about 1 hour earlier on Nov 6, 2016 than the day before. There will be  more light in the morning.  
Also called  Fall Back and  Winter Time.   
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