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May 2016
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Ingham Impact Podcast
This is an exciting time to be in education! We are on a journey using a successful educational approach to improve student results. New technology allows educators to proactively use data and identify the needs of individual students. Research is used to make decisions about what we teach and how we teach it. This is how students advance in a system of supports, known as Multi-Tiered System of Supports or MTSS. Watch our amazing team in action!  #InghamImpact

Heartwood School Buddy Day
Learning occurs in many ways, even student to student. Mason High School students come to Heartwood School each year for an event called "Buddy Day". Students team up and engage in activities throughout the day, learning more about one another. The outcomes? Heartwood students work on social interactions, and Mason students gain a better understanding of people with disabilities. These learning experiences are critical to the growth and development of all students. 
Year-End Student Showcase
The Capital Area Career Center hosted its Year-End Student Showcase on Wednesday, May 11 from 4:00-8:00 pm. This annual event, open to the public, allows students to demonstrate their skills and highlight projects they've accomplished throughout the year. Nearly 1,100 people attended this event and to see the achievements of students in all 18 career and technical education programs offered at the Career Center.  View photos
Engineering Students Place First 
The Capital Area Career Center Engineering team placed first in the Square One Innovative Vehicle Design competition on May 14. Students won the Endurance category which posed a challenge to create a vehicle that could travel the longest distance in one hour. The first place Career Center team traveled 15.6 miles in a car with an electric motor while the second place team completed 12 miles. Congratulations to our Engineering students and instructor! Learn more

Breaking Traditions Awards
Four students at the Capital Area Career Center have received the Breaking Traditions Award! This award goes to students who are in a program that is nontraditional for his or her gender. The recipient must have been nominated by an instructor, made an outstanding contribution to their field, and are completing a career and technical education program. Congratulations to our students who are pursuing their dreams!  Learn more
Summer Camps
Families often look for opportunities for their students throughout the summer months to keep their minds active. Check out the 2016 Career Center Summer Camp options. Students can learn more about bioscience, automotive, computer programming, culinary arts and much more while still enjoying a break this summer. Sign up today and share with anyone who may be interested. 
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