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Ingham Impact Podcast
Ingham ISD itinerant staff members work tirelessly with their teams to meet student needs in local districts, public school academies and Ingham ISD programs. Staff members work full-time or part-time and may be assigned to one district or multiple districts and programs. The goal is to improve student outcomes. Research has shown providing support to a student with disabilities at a younger age increases the success of the student. We have an awesome itinerant team, and we are very proud of all you do for students and families. #inghamimpact
Strategic Planning 
The strategic planning process has started, and we are gathering input that will chart our course for the next 3-5 years. This process will ensure the needs of students, families, districts and our community will be met. We hope to have all the data analyzed, and organizational and department plans ready to roll out in the fall of 2017. We thank all participants who are able to attend one of our focus group sessions.
State Superintendent Whiston Visits Leadership Academy
Ingham ISD service area districts are working together to increase student achievement. The Leadership Academy, comprised of building and district-level leadership from local districts in our service area, met to discuss strategies, resources, legislation and to exchange ideas. Keynote speaker State Superintendent Whiston shared the Top 10 in 10 Years goals and strategies, which are aligned with our goals.
Spartan Project Search
On October 5, in partnership with Michigan State University, Ingham ISD launched Spartan Project SEARCH. Project SEARCH is a national program to help students with disabilities transition from an educational setting into a workplace environment. Students experience several internships that allow them to explore opportunities and determine their individual strengths. At the end of this year, we expect all students will be ready to enter the work world and begin independent lives. 
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