January 19, 2016 

Mayor's Message

From Chargers Facebook page - Chargers press conference @ the Forum on Wednesday January 18, 2017.  Video will follow in next week's newsletter.


Mayor James T. Butts: Behind the Scenes of the Chargers Move

Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts sat down with Fred Roggin Thursday to discuss the Chargers' move to Los Angeles and the team's relationship with the Rams. Originally aired on Going Roggin, January 14, 2017.

Inglewood mayor ready for 
Chargers' move to LA

LA 2024 Games 
Opening Ceremony Concept

Inglewood real estate expected to score as Chargers join Rams at new stadium

The  Chargers' decision to join the  Rams at a splashy new stadium in Inglewood has at least one builder even more pumped up about the city's prospects.

The promise of pro football in Inglewood, still three years away, has already given a lift to real estate developer Sandy Sigal, who is spending $15 million to renovate a 1960s-era shopping center there. 

The football buzz, which started a year ago with the Rams' decision to play at a $2.66-billion sports and entertainment complex now under construction, has given Sigal clout with desirable tenants -  the kind who might have turned their noses up at the city in the past. 

FAA approves Inglewood stadium that Rams, Chargers will share

The $2.6 billion stadium the Rams and Chargers will share in Inglewood took another step forward Friday when the Federal Aviation Administration approved the project after a lengthy review.

The agency had been concerned the structure -  the centerpiece of Rams owner Stan Kroenke's 298-acre sports and entertainment district - could interfere with radar at nearby Los Angeles International Airport.

As part of a long-expected deal with the FAA, the developers will pay $29 million to install a secondary radar system at LAX to resolve the issue.

"As a result of the agreement, the FAA is able to issue a determination that the stadium will not pose a hazard to navigable airspace or affect the flow of aircraft into LAX," the agency said in a statement.

LA 2024 plans using both Coliseum and new Inglewood stadium for Olympics opening, closing ceremonies

The opening and closing ceremonies for a 2024 Olympic Games in Los Angeles would be held at both the Memorial Coliseum and the $2.66 billion state-of-the-art stadium in Inglewood, linking the city's rich Olympic history and the region's 21st century vision.

With the bold decision to use the Coliseum, one of the Olympic movement's most iconic venues, along with the most expensive and technologically advanced stadium ever built, Los Angeles 2024 officials have tried to separate their bid from rivals Paris and Budapest by emphasizing - some would say flaunting - the area's wealth of existing world-class venues and its proximity to the center of the entertainment and technology universes.

Los Angeles to host Superbowl 55


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