Daniel Hughes: From the studio opens Thursday, March 6th.  We have completely enjoyed the lead up to this exhibition.  From visits in studio, to the many conversations with Hughes about his new works, we have greatly anticipated seeing these new paintings to the gallery walls so that they may be experienced by all.  With the arrival of March, so too has our 2014 solo exhibition season begun.  We invite you and guests to join Daniel Hughes at Ingram Gallery between 6pm and 8pm on Thursday, March 6th for Hughes' opening night celebration.

Through his recent personal investigation into painting and ongoing thoughtful examination of what paint means, Hughes has achieved a new level in his respected career as a contemporary figurative painter.

"The more courageous I am in destroying a partial success the more likely it is that I will get something alive and true." -Frank Auerbach
On The Walls

From the studio
March 6 - 26 . 2014

Opening reception with Daniel Hughes:
Thursday, March 6th | 6pm to 8pm

The twenty new paintings in From the studio rely on each other and the personal response of the viewer in creating a well shaped look at the unique features of being human.  The meaning of life, the search for gratification, change, growth, maturity and mortality face the viewer in beautiful tableaux built of paint and passion.  Rendered in a palette all his own, the new works of Daniel Hughes present an emphasis on the human figure in settings replete with life as a way to explore meaning in paint and in ourselves.

    I have spent the past 5 years de-constructing my work and re-evaluating what is important to me in my painting and as a painter. Not to say that I reject my past work; not at all.  I just came to a place where my work has naturally evolved allowing me to stay focused and engaged.

   Moving from a more traditional "Realist" genre to something more painterly and direct has been a struggle with many failed attempts and disappointments. The act of painting and destroying and re-painting is becoming much more of a natural instinctive process than it was in the past.

   For me, to create a good painting is for it to be about the "paint" itself. The marks made and the layers created through building up and breaking down of the paint. The central focus of the work can be as much about colour as it is about the form that inspires the work and its narrative. Sometimes finding a language that is representational and abstract at the same time.

Since graduating with honours from the New York Academy of Art M.F.A. program in 1995, Hughes has seen his work featured in solo shows throughout Canada and in London, England.  He has also shown in numerous International Art Fairs, as well as in exhibitions in New Jersey, New York, Florida and New Mexico.  Since 2000, Hughes has taught and lectured at art schools and universities in Canada and the US, including the Toronto School of Art, OCAD, and the University of Florida.

"To simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak"
 -Hans Hofmann

Please contact the gallery for purchase and press information.  Daniel Hughes' CV, full artist statement and From the studio catalogue (PDF) available.
Up Next

Cadillac Hotel
April 12 - 26 . 2014

In April we open Cadillac Hotel.  As the exhibition title hints, Berman loves to travel.  Berman's ceaseless search for fresh people and places to inspire her work has seen her make more moves to new cities and studios in the last decade than most see in a lifetime.  Berman recently re-located from Toronto to the west coast.  While in Toronto Berman created some of the most memorable works of her career with the sales success to match.  As Berman lives to paint, she has been able to create a few small works while also setting up her new studio.  Cadillac Hotel will feature a small collection of these new works paired with distinguished Berman works from past cites, travels and series.

May 8 - 24 . 2014

Please save the date to join Toronto artist Ryan Dineen at the gallery as we mark the opening of his solo exhibition on Thursday, May 8th (6pm-8pm).
The arrival of new works for the above exhibitions and more means we are receiving shipments, opening crates, unpacking & prepping great art for the active weeks ahead.  Pair this with the promise of spring's arrival in a few short weeks and we are buzzing at the gallery with anticipation of the busy days ahead. 

We have just received newly available Sean Yelland works at the gallery.  The collection of five canvases has returned to Toronto from recent exhibition in Vancouver.  Each of the paintings is Yelland through and through.  (Please contact the gallery for images of these new works.)  From his eagle eye for subject matter and unique compositions, to his witty and playful titles, Yelland also has us psyched to view his latest paintings taking shape in studio for his upcoming October 2014 solo
From All Of Us  


Our complete 2014 exhibition schedule is available here.  A reminder that all images and underlined text in issues of Ingram Art News! are clickable links and will take you to further images and information.  Please also put us to work as you can always request news and images for a particular exhibition and/or from your favourite artists through email, by phone, and of course -- by coming in for a visit. 

A special evening with Daniel Hughes filled with art and all the good things of an opening night celebration await you Thursday, March 6th between 6pm and 8pm.  We can't wait for you to experience Hughes' latest and greatest works.

See you at the gallery!

With best wishes,


Tarah Aylward, Director  
Ingram Gallery 

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