A brilliant and animated month awaits you at the gallery this September.  First up, Brian Burke hits the gallery walls with his new series Waiting for the one-eyed man.  Burke's paint is what his work is all about.  The meaning comes through the experience itself -- both in viewing and thinking about paint.

Burke said recently of the opportunity afforded to the viewer through his work, that it is to "retrace the artist's steps and become an interpreter. This activity is the audiences' source of gratification.".

September also sees a major announcement as we welcome renowned painter Daniel Hughes to the gallery.  Additional gallery news ahead in this issue includes a recent visit to Sharon Okun's new studio in Montreal, an important community art project from Sara Sniderhan & Peter Mitchell and an exhibition of Harold Town's work in October.

On The Walls

Brian BURKE (R.C.A.) 
Waiting for the one-eyed man
7 - 26 September . 2013

"In the Kingdom of the Blind, the one eyed man is king".

Brian Burke Fresh into the gallery from his studio in P.E.I., Brian Burke's new series of paintings will be installed in an order the artist has envisioned for the series to be experienced.  Burke's cunning wit, skill with paint and strong eye for composition comes through in each piece.  

Please join us at the gallery throughout the day on Saturday, September 7th as we celebrate Burke's 12th solo exhibition with the gallery.  Waiting for the one-eyed man runs until September 26th.

Painting for me is an activity not unlike playing jazz.

If all is going well I can achieve a similar "state of grace" while in the act of painting. I paint to find that space. The resultant painting doesn't make the viewer privy to any great "truth". He is the same as one who listens to music (...).

Brian Burke was born in Charlottetown, P.E.I., in 1952. He studied design at Holland College (1971-73) and Fine Art at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (1974).  He is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.

Also on view: Trading Fours -- 10 video shorts
A unique collaboration with singer/musician/song-writer Doug Mallory.

Mallory and I have in musician's terms, been "trading fours" in which one participant makes a four bar statement and the other replies with his four bar statement, thus creating a dialogue. These interpretations are individual responses to the work of another. There are no definitive answers.
-Brian Burke

Recent public art projects include two exhibitions at Confederation Centre Art Gallery Other Worlds, curated by Ihor Holubitzky and Free Parking by Pan Wendt.  Brian Burke's works have been exhibited at international art fairs, such as Art Karlsruhe, Germany.  His paintings have been exhibited in numerous public galleries and they are in public, corporate and private collections in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

For purchase and press information please enquire with the gallery

New & Noteworthy


Daniel HUGHES 
Daniel Hughes Represented
by Ingram Gallery

On a beautiful Monday earlier this summer we joined Daniel Hughes in his studio in Kingston.  Our memorable visit together involved many topics of discussion -- our favourite was that of paint.  Hughes knows paint.  It was a very enjoyable experience to listen to Hughes as he discussed what paint means to him -- what he looks to both achieve and communicate through his paintings.  Daniel Hughes is in studio with new works underway.  He is an honours graduate of the New York Academy of Art Masters program, as well a recognized arts educator.

Later this month, new works will arrive at the gallery for you to see. Please stay tuned for news of this and Hughes' first solo exhibition with the gallery.

Sharon OKUN in Montreal

The light and lines in Sharon Okun's new intimate interiors and street scenes are the topic of conversation at the gallery.  These are the first new works to arrives since Okun set up her new studio in Montreal.  With the large north facing windows of her studio, the quality of light that infuses Okun's work is the very same that spills through her remarkable creative environment.  This new release of six paintings marks an important chapter in this talented artist's career.

Sharon Okun

Special Event  


Kensington Art Academy Kensington Art Academy

 On Wednesday, September 18th gallery artists Sara Sniderhan & Peter Mitchell will be  hosting a special event at the gallery.  Between 6pm and 8pm Sniderhan, Mitchell and St. Stephen's Community House will be hosting a fundraiser as they launch their not-for-profit art school: Kensington Art Academy (KAA).  Please click here for more on the school and the upcoming launch.  To learn more about how you can help please contact the gallery.

Harold TOWN

60th Anniversary of Painters Eleven
5 - 24 October . 2013

Harold Town

Timed to coincide with the first exhibition of Painters Eleven that took place in October of 1953 (The Abstracts at Home Show, 1953 Simpson's department store), the exhibition will feature Painters Eleven period (1953-1960) Harold Town paintings alongside his acclaimed and internationally exhibited single autographic prints.  Works by fellow members of the historic collective will also be available.

From All Of Us  


Sean Yelland
Recent weeks have seen superb new works arriving from the Toronto studios of Sean Yelland, Ryan Dineen and Rachel Berman.  Also to the walls are the vibrant works of Mimi Matte, and the important collages of Louis de Niverville.  Early figurative works of Florence Vale have us pausing in appreciation of the great art that we have for you to enjoy when you next visit.

Be sure to visit often during the run of Burke's 2013 solo exhibition Waiting for the one-eyed man.

See you this September at the gallery!

With best wishes,



Tarah Aylward, Director  
Ingram Gallery, Toronto