INGRAM GALLERY | Autumn 2020

Autumn at the gallery sees the arrival of lush new works to our bright and spacious brownstone. Please read on for details about current events and additions as well as information about Travis Shilling’s upcoming November 2020 solo exhibition, Colorado.
JANE EVERETT Flight of the Kingfisher II (2020) 60.5 x 100.5 inches, oil on canvas


The season brings refreshing and lively pieces from many of the artists we work alongside and those of our historical past. 

Jane Everett's magnificent Flight of the Kingfisher II has arrived from British Columbia. Luscious and elegant, this large-scale oil comprises the artist's flawless technique and eloquent perceptivity. The work’s graceful motion and breathtaking dimension create a powerful affect on the viewer while in its presence.

STEVEN VOLPE Ice Age (2020) 30 x 49 inches, oil on canvas | diptych
Steven Volpe has also recently delivered fresh canvases that testify to the artist's remarkable insight and celebrated style. Moments in time find their narratives churning in infinite directions while the artist's marvellous brushwork dances across the canvas.

John Doyle’s newest canvases at the gallery unveil painterly visions of the landscapes that surround us. Timeless and vivid interpretations of our world are fixed in both past and present as the majesty of our environment is illuminated by the artist.

"...a person here in a room can experience a painting as a window to there; to another world, a world as seen through someone else’s eyes, a world interpreted and transformed by another’s sensibilities." - John Doyle

KATE GRIGG The Rollicking Clouds (2020) 12 x 16 inches, oil on board
New oils by Kate Grigg have been a talking point at the gallery as the artist depicts the streets and residences that surround her in ever-increasing bursts of artistic interpretation. These highly collectable new works continue Grigg's acclaimed history of melding beauty, dignity and truth with refined and spotless whimsy.

Newly available works by Rachel Berman (1946-2014) exemplify the artist's palpable authenticity and incomparable hand. In these striking pieces, her subjects invariably find themselves offering insightful representations of the inner workings of our modern lives and the human condition more broadly. An artist's artist, Rachel Berman was first and foremost a poignant observer of life and she is aptly celebrated as one of Canada's most beloved figurative artists.
RACHEL BERMAN (1946-2014) Study for Mr. James Shielded Himself - with Mrs. Hawkesby
True Love Café, Dundas St. E. (December 2009) 10.75 x 13.75 inches, oil, gel medium, beeswax

Florence Vale (1909-2003) lived a few houses north of the gallery at 90 Hazelton Avenue, and her enchanting and refreshing works are some of the most cherished among art lovers and collectors in Toronto. Living on Hazelton with her husband, artist Albert Franck (1899-1973), Vale’s ‘visionary gleam’ saw her produce ageless and enduring pieces with a profoundness that continually unfolds. In the words of Gordon McLennan, the “wonder, grace and humour in Florence Vale’s work are an assault on melancholy, despair and death. Her art is an affirmation of life, of the power of love in an otherwise inexplicable universe.”

Please contact us for further details on any works or for artist catalogues.

November 7 - December 5 . 2020

Following his influential public solo exhibition at Burlington Centre for the Arts in 2019, Travis Shilling is finalizing a collection of new works for his upcoming solo Colorado, opening November 7 at the gallery. Dreamlike visions of human and animal worlds present us with the realities of our own moment in intimate and small scale form. Each movement of oil seemingly holds paramount significance with the concise strength of the artist’s brushwork.

Please stay tuned to Ingram Art News for further details on the artist's upcoming solo exhibition Colorado and contact us for inquiries on other available works by Shilling.

TRAVIS SHILLING Work in progress | In studio (September 2020)


The gallery continues to be visited for its iconic design by Jerome Markson, and the architect himself visits us on a regular basis. Author and fellow architect Laura Miller recently published a book in collaboration with the University of Toronto on Markson's work. The enlightening and picturesque publication is soon to arrive to the gallery and is entitled Toronto’s Inclusive Modernity: The Architecture of Jerome Markson.

We look forward to the coming months of autumn with its many artful discussions and memories. Please contact us for artist catalogues, artist CVs, and any other inquiries.
With all best wishes,

Tarah Aylward, Director   
Ingram Gallery
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