Autumn 2023


In this edition of Ingram Art News we look at newly available sculptures by E.B. Cox, RCA (1914-2003) as well as the unparalleled art of Rachel Berman (1946-2014). Additional highlights include new works from the studios of Vlad Grospic, Anja Karisik, and Luke Pestl. Further on, we invite your attendance to the exhibition reception and book launch for Wallace Edwards (1957-2022)'s poetic and artful publication, Pigs Can’t Fly

Drop by any time to share experiences and explore our magnificent space centred around our fired granite entrance designed by architect Jerome Markson, RCA. Continue to the gallery’s relaxing environment on the second floor for a game of chess and spend time with a dynamic collection of available artworks spanning Canadian history in the Collectors’ Den.

E. B. COX, RCA (1914-2003)

Twisting Female Torso - marble, 16.5 x 8 x 6 inches

E.B. COX, RCA (1914-2003)

An important collection of newly available sculptures by E.B. Cox, RCA (1914-2003) are at the gallery and speak beautifully to the artist’s deep understanding of physical material.

The pieces are of varying scale and exemplify the sculptor's capacity to release timeless expression through the foundational elements of the natural world. From small-scale bears to large-scale torsos, Cox’s exquisite works add remarkable character to their surroundings. Be sure to view the newly available sculptures in person. A digital catalogue of this exceptional Cox collection is also available — please be in touch.

E.B. Cox’s Garden of the Greek Gods is reaching its first anniversary at the sculpture garden's now iconic and public location on Exhibition Place grounds. An Autumn walk among the twenty monumental limestone sculptures is a gift for us all to enjoy.



Crispy Cream - stoneware with layered underglaze and glaze, H: 18.5 x W: 19 inches

Sculptor Luke Pestl’s newest piece Crispy Cream (above) arrived at the gallery and underlines the artist’s impeccable command of dimension and material decision-making. The work was formed through stoneware & layered glazes and brings out remarkable iterations of bold line, contour, and the emblems found all around us. From the chamber of the kiln to crystalline end results, earth and heat weave together to create new natural wonders. Additional new works are arriving soon from Pestl’s Toronto studio.



Golden Peak - oil on canvas, 56 x 42 inches

Vlad Grospic’s works are at the forefront of contemporary painting and are magnetic hubs on the gallery’s walls. The artist’s eloquent Landscape and Portrait oils carry universal visions that move beyond their ostensible subject matter. With purposeful and multifaceted lenses, the breathtaking works join the viewer as we consider the immediacy and complexity of beauty and our environments.


Anja Karisik created a family of three paintings that form As Above, So Below. The energetic works offer representations of the world with enchanting and inimitable style. Here, vivid and intimate compositions at the edge of the Humber River highlight life at its most lush while probing reflections on water that direct our attention to the earth’s governing natural systems.

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RACHEL BERMAN (1946-2014)

Into the Mystic, 2003 - oil and graphite on linen, 60 x 54 inches

RACHEL BERMAN (1946-2014)

Short ride in a fast machine

October 28 - November 16

The paintings of Rachel Berman (1946-2014) create stirring conversations among appreciators and collectors at 24 Hazelton on a daily basis. Berman’s dedicated life of art-making confers enduring depictions of the modern world through visions of humanity and the human condition laid bare. Mark your calendar for the anticipated solo exhibition of Berman’s process in Short ride in a fast machine, running from October 28 until November 16.

FLORENCE VALE (1909-2003)

Zephyr, 1962 - oil and collage on board, 20 x 16 inches


The Garden (Viburnum and Grape Vine) - ink, pastel and watercolour, 20 x 22 inches


Pigs Can’t Fly

October 14 - 19


Book Launch, Exhibition & Reception:

Saturday, October 14 | 1pm – 3pm

Join us for the Book Launch & Celebration of the late Wallace Edwards’ crowning publication, Pigs Can’t Fly. The event will be held at Ingram Gallery in collaboration with Scholastic Canada and it will be a lovely Saturday afternoon for all to enjoy with copies of the book and Edwards’ original artwork available for purchase.

Pigs Can’t Fly is filled with grand visions steeped in artful satire and whimsy, yet somehow leave the viewer with concrete messages for the here and now – messages of hope, humour, gentility, and love.

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery to celebrate the Launch of Pigs Can’t Fly and the visionary art of Wallace Edwards on Saturday, October 14 from 1pm – 3pm.

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