INGRAM GALLERY | February 2019

Artful engagement is in the air as we will be presenting the works of Caven Atkins in Rhythm & Structure from February 9-28.  Ryan Price's Finders, Keepers solo exhibition follows from March 2-22, with the artist's opening celebration taking place on March 2.  A number of new works have also arrived at the gallery in recent days from the studios of artists we work with as well as  the additions of a variety of significant historical pieces.  Please continue reading for further information about your gallery and be sure to visit early and often in the year.

CAVEN ATKINS (1907-2000)
Rhythm & Structure
February 9 - 28 . 2019

"If you know what you're doing, the material talks to you and you just react to it.
Afterwards, you wonder how you did it."  - Caven Atkins

CAVEN ATKINS, Sketch for Moonlit Landscape, Toward Infinity (1932)

We are thrilled to present a collection of the visionary works of Caven Atkins (1907-2000) in Rhythm & Structure, February 9-28.  A student of Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerald at the Winnipeg School of Art, Atkins has been aptly referred to as "a giant in the world of Canadian art" while maintaining his studious and understated disposition.  Rhythm & Structure will focus attention on his revered works made while living in Toronto and Winnipeg, including Sketch for Moonlit Landscape, Toward Infinity (above).  His bold vision and ingenuity radiates throughout these works as Atkins interprets our world through a sober and crystalline lens.

CAVEN ATKINS, A Little Copse, Bloomfield Hills (1941) 

After establishing his celebrated style in Winnipeg, Atkins moved to Toronto in 1933 to work as a commercial artist by day while sharing evenings with other young artists such as Fritz Brandtner, Charles Comfort, and Carl Schaefer.  He held studios on Howland and Ossington Avenues and his work continued to progress as he became a member of the Canadian Group of Painters and was made the President of the Canadian Society of Graphic Art as well as the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour.  Works by Atkins have been exhibited widely in public galleries such as the Art Gallery of Toronto (AGO); the Picture Loan Society, Toronto; Hart House Gallery; Queen's University; and the Art Gallery of Windsor.  His work is in a wide variety of collections, such as the Art Gallery of Brantford; the Art Gallery of Ontario; the Art Gallery of Windsor; the Vancouver Art Gallery; the Winnipeg Art Gallery; the Confederation Art Gallery in Prince Edward Island; Hart House at the University of Toronto; the McMichael Canadian Collection in Kleinburg, Ontario; and the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario.

You may preview selections from the upcoming exhibition on our website.  Please contact the gallery for a catalogue of the works.

Finders, Keepers 
March 2 - 22 . 2019

Opening reception: Saturday, March 2 | 2pm to 4pm

On the heels of his momentous public exhibition at the Elora Centre for the Arts, Ryan Price's newest drywall works offer astonishing insight as the artist moves from the gentle to the austere and graceful to catastrophic within the same strokes.  Join us for the opening of Finders, Keepers and celebrate with the artist at our first reception of the year: Saturday, March 2 from 2 to 4pm.

RYAN PRICE, Work in progress, graphite on gypsum  

Travis Shilling follows his eye-opening Unknown Legends at the gallery with an exhibition of all new works this spring (April 27-May 17).  Shilling's upcoming solo builds upon his stream of successes as art lovers around the globe intently await this coming collection of works.  Please stay tuned for further information and Save the Date for Shilling's opening celebration on Saturday, April 27.

E. B. COX, R.C.A. (1914-2003) | Garden of the Greek Gods

Keeping Public Art Public

E.B. Cox's Garden of the Greek Gods has seen developments as the Toronto Star has noted.  Hercules, the largest of the limestone sculptures, has been carefully removed from the grounds of a private club for needed repairs due to the unfortunate neglect and current condition of the sculpture garden.  We strongly advocate for all of the sculptures to be moved back into the public realm so that the sculptures are safely situated honouring the intentions of the artist.  We encourage you to join us in advocating to Free the Greek Gods and contact us if you would like to be included in communications from us and the artist's daughter as we actively campaign for the sculpture garden's future.


RYAN DINEEN, Downtown Canada (2019) 36 x 48 inches, oil on canvas
In the last week, many new works have arrived at the gallery, including Ryan Dineen's Downtown Canada (above).  With a delicate balance of precision and painterly freedom, Dineen triumphantly captures the iconic corner of Queen St. West and Bathurst St. in Toronto.  Andrew Bell, Kate Grigg, Daniel Hughes, and Jessica Levman have been hard at work in studio and buzz has been circulating around the gallery of what is to come of this exciting period.  Toni Hamel's marvellous interview with Frankie Magazine has hit shelves in Australia and Bizzarre Magazine has just published another of her sharp interviews in their online publication.

TONI HAMEL, The Loot (2015) 22 x 30 inches, graphite, watercolour & thread

Sean Yelland has delivered several fresh new oils from studio that have gained immediate attention with their light-filled renderings of the world around us.  Jane Everett has an upcoming public solo exhibition, Understory, at the Kelowna Art Gallery from March 9 to June 16.  Everett's exciting year will continue with her first solo exhibition at Ingram Gallery, Slipstream, from November 2-21.

ALBERT FRANCK, Lane Off Isabella Street (1965) 5.25 x 7 inches, watercolour

Numerous historical works have been attracting visitors to the gallery.  Freshly installed in our Collector's Den are works by Manly MacDonald, R.C.A. (1889-1971), Lillian Freiman (1908-1986), Albert Franck, R.C.A. (1899-1973), F.M. Bell-Smith, R.C.A. (1846-1923) and many others.  Please visit our website for further details on these new additions and be sure to see them in person.

SEAN YELLAND, Mover and Shaker (2019) 38 x 50 inches, oil on canvas

Thank you to all who have visited in January and brought joy to the gallery with their appreciation of art and thoughtful engagement through our Taxonomic Kingdom group exhibition.  You will find the gallery's complete 2019 exhibition schedule online.  There is no finer time to visit the gallery as February brings Caven Atkins' Rhythm & Structure, followed by Ryan Price's Finders, Keepers in March and Travis Shilling's newest exhibition at the end of April.  The momentum of the new year has cast all of the artists we work with in wonderful directions and this year promises to bring a countless series of unforgettable experiences to the gallery.

My best wishes, 
Tarah Aylward, Director    
Ingram Gallery 

For the love of art | #AtTheGallery  
MANLY MACDONALD, Untitled 10 x 13.5 inches, oil on canvas board