From painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking and beyond, the phenomenal art that surrounds us at the gallery creates a dream-like environment that we have been grateful for on a daily basis. With our doors re-opened since last month, we are buoyed by the return of artful conversations and connections with new and old friends at the gallery.
Ingram Gallery is located on picturesque Hazelton Avenue in the heart of Yorkville, Canada’s most vibrant art district. With the doors open to walk-in visits Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm, private appointments are also available. We are here for you and greatly look forward to welcoming you back.
RACHEL BERMAN (1946-2014) Hue and Cry, 1999 - oil on board, 96 x 48 inches

Works from illustrious artists await your next visit such as those from Jane Everett, Travis Shilling, Brian Burke, R.C.A. (1952-2017), Rachel Berman (1946-2014), and others. In this issue of Ingram Art News we highlight exceptional pieces from these and other leading contemporary and historical artists that are currently available to collectors. 

Please contact us for further details on any art that has your attention or for a catalogue of other available pieces.

Jane Everett’s large and smaller-scale oils are a repeated focal point in the gallery for art appreciators, bringing lively and energizing perspective. The abstracted landscapes dissolve with attention directed to reflections that lay on water as the viewer is drawn into majestic scenes through Everett’s vision.
Three of the artist’s large-scale paintings have been freshly installed in the Art Gallery of Kelowna’s satellite exhibition space at the Kelowna International Airport. A treat for travellers and observers, the canvases are on public exhibition until June of 2022.

JANE EVERETT By the Creek I - oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches

"[Everett’s] waterscape paintings verge on the abstract, using complex layerings of colour to render the undulating surface of water in an intricate study of light and form."
- Art Gallery of Alberta
Everett’s paintings and drawings have appeared in a significant and growing number of public gallery settings, including the dazzling installation of Understory at UBC Okanagan last year. You can view a collection of the artist’s work on our website and contact us for a more detailed catalogue of available pieces.

BRIAN BURKE, RCA (1952-2017) Assumption #1, 2014 - oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

“He spun his vision out over a limited field; adopted a singular technique and palette; often worked in series; and derived almost endless possibilities from a set of parameters and recurring elements and strategies beyond which he rarely ventured.“
- Pan Wendt, Curator | Confederation Centre Art Gallery, P.E.I.

The oils of Brian Burke, R.C.A. (1952-2017) captivate art lovers the world over for their concise artfulness and ever-expanding insight. Burke’s sharp sense of perception and diligent approach to the canvas seemingly pulls us into a separate room with the chosen subjects.
JOE ROSENTHAL, RCA (1921-2018) The Parting - bronze, ed. 5/10, 26 x 17 x 14 inches

Artist Joe Rosenthal, R.C.A. (1921-2018) holds a special place for many who spend time with his works at home and in the enchanting Windsor Sculpture Park or on University of Toronto grounds. Rosenthal was an undeniable master of all mediums, from 2D to 3D. In his inimitable style, both oils and bronzes offer visions of constancy through the strength of their form and yet bring gentle and artful reflection to the fore. In works such as The Parting (above), the artist’s distinctive subtly of line echoes throughout the piece while the tender subject matter radiates through its graceful rendering.

TRAVIS SHILLING Backyards, Rama - oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches


JONATHAN CASTELLINO - archival print, edition of 3, 30 x 45 inches

“Art is the highest form of hope.”
- Gerhard Richter

We look forward to your next artful visit and the act of losing yourself in the experience.

With all bright wishes,

Tarah Aylward, Director   
Ingram Gallery
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A.J. CASSON, RCA (1898-1992)
1: Untitled - graphite & watercolour, 8.25 x 4 inches
2: Untitled - graphite & watercolour, 8.75 x 4 inches

BARKER FAIRLEY, RCA (1887-1986) Still Life, 1982 - oil on masonite, 24 x 20 inches

JOHN DOYLE Farmstead II - acrylic on canvas, 24 x 48 inches