Summer 2023


This summer, creative engagements fill the gallery. Join us on Saturday, July 15 at 2pm for Ingram Art Talks with author George Daicopoulos. The conversation revolves around the subjects of art and artificial intelligence, and we invite your thoughts and presence at the timely discussion titled Algorithms don’t feel, data doesn’t will: Why AI won’t replace artists.

In this edition of Ingram Art News we explore Andrew Bell’s astounding new sculptural series Generator as well as Ryan Dineen’s fresh In Studio canvases. Continuing on, we look at new oils from Steven Volpe, soon-to-arrive paintings from the studios of exceptional contemporary artists Jane Everett and Anja Karisik, and news on the art of Travis Shilling and Brian Burke (RCA). Be sure to visit the gallery often over the coming weeks for art, connection, and discovery.


Algorithms don’t feel, data doesn't will: 

Why AI won’t replace artists

with author George Daicopoulos

July 15 | 2pm

Take part in the compelling Ingram Art Talks discussion about art and artificial intelligence with acclaimed author George Daicopoulos on Saturday, July 15 at 2pm. 

After a lively public conversation in 2017 about art making in the digital age, Ingram Gallery will host George Daicopoulos to look at topics surrounding AI art with its capacities, faults, and future. 

The author of two books about what it means to be an artist in the modern digital era, Daicopoulos has a focused interest in the rise of AI art and how it relates to artists and art making.

Ingram Gallery’s Gary Leggett hosts the timely Q&A on Saturday, July 15 at 2pm with George Daicopoulos, who will be available for a book signing after the discussion. Copies will be available of Buy an artist a drink as well as Buy an artist another round.


In Studio series


In Studio - The Point - oil on canvas, 36 x 30 inches

Ryan Dineen’s spellbinding new oil works are part of his In Studio series, where the artist captures the process of art making on studio walls that are filled with paint, the past, and future possibility. The paintings draw attention to works in progress as well as the act of creation itself, all while sharing a thread with pieces like Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez in their use of mise en abyme – the presentation of a copy or copies of an image inside itself. Dineen’s use of this technique is far more real, however, as each image within itself is tangibly different, painted in its own marked style.

Dineen’s paintings hang in significant private, corporate, and public collections including the Government of Ontario. The artist paints every day in his laneway studio in Toronto’s east end and gives back in ongoing hands-on community art projects with students and seniors. Dineen’s large-scale murals are found throughout Toronto and beyond.

Contact the gallery for a catalogue of the artist’s In Studio series reflecting full details and availability.


Generator series


Bishop - height: 13 inches

Andrew Bell has created remarkable sculptures in the first wave of his new Generator series The collection is shaped by captivating and articulating figures accompanied by pods and bases drawn together by rare-earth magnets. The intriguing sculptures are full of surprise, with Biscuit’s (below) removable head revealing robotic underpinnings. Formed through a synthesis of materials, Bell’s Generator works are each comprised of cast resin, found and mixed media, and exquisite costume design.


Biscuit - height: 18 inches

Born in 1971, Bell lives and works in the capital city of Ottawa. Since the early 1990s, his singular artistic vision has cultivated prophetic depictions of how the past and present interact with a dystopian future. Ingenious and highly figurative, Bell’s art brings attention to concepts surrounding mass media, widespread confusion, and political propaganda. His warlike figures are from an uncertain time and place and continually gesture toward notions of beauty and heroism, control and power, and what it means to be human.


Yeuri - height: 16.5 inches


Holly 3 - height: 16.75 inches

Please contact us for a catalogue of works in the Generator series with full pricing details.


Steven Volpe has delivered his newest oils to the gallery, The Reach and Four Horses (below). The dynamic nature of the works highlight the power of Volpe’s compositional style and artistic vision. With artfully exposed underpainting and an uncanny ability to direct the eye through the canvas, Volpe’s paintings offer a string of engaging and narrative stepladders for their viewer.


Four Horses - oil on canvas, 26 x 40 inches


Further pieces from the studios of leading contemporary artists are set to arrive at the gallery in coming days and weeks, including those of Jane Everett and Anja Karisik. 

Oils from Jane Everett’s Indigo Bay series will soon arrive, filled with symphonic visions of life, light, and depth. The artist’s pull toward subjects and environments at the edge of water is perfectly matched by her infusion of abstraction and realism in the same shared spaces. With increasing bursts of abstract form and colour, the works interpret their lyrical environments with a confident precision that is wholly Everett’s.

Anja Karisik will soon release paintings from her newest body of work, Surfacing. Drawing on the areas of Collingwood and Tiny Township at the foot of Georgian Bay, the Surfacing paintings bring a gestural freedom and open application of paint that create tactile, sensory experience. Through the artist’s brushwork and compositional skills, there is immense scope behind the paintings’ unexpected and intimate settings that are somehow completely open and free.


Anne - oil on board, 12 x 9 inches


Yasmine - oil on board, 16 x 12 inches


On the heels of Travis Shilling’s milestone solo exhibition The Blue Tarp,

the painter and director will mark the world premiere of his film Vertebrae on July 15 at the Weengushk International Film Festival on Manitoulin Island.

The magnificent artwork of Brian Burke, RCA (1952–2017) is included in the group exhibition Conversation Pieces at the Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown, PEI. Informed and prescient, inviting and hilarious, Burke’s paintings carry their viewer into aspects of the human condition that long to be addressed, admonished, or admired.

Conversation Pieces is curated by Pan Wendt and runs at the Confederation Centre until September 3, 2023.


dead.ringer - archival print, edition of 3, 30 x 45 inches

Be sure to join us at 24 Hazelton Avenue to experience art in person and contact us with any inquiries on the artists and estates in Ingram Art News or on our website.

The world isn’t going away, and we need artists of all stripes to make it whole and comprehensible to us. Artists do this every day, quietly, away from the limelight, using all the imaginative tools at their disposal to tell us who we are and where we’ve been. And through the hard grind of calling something into existence and creating out of nothing, they give us a glimpse of who we might become.

— Buy an Artist a Drink

We invite your attendance to the enlightening discussion and Q&A with author George Daicopoulos on Saturday, July 15 at 2pm and, as always, we look forward to the art and conversation that is ahead at the gallery.

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RACHEL BERMAN (1946-2014)

You are only as Big as your Last Picture - oil on birch panel, 48 x 36 inches