We begin this year with an important follow-up to last year's debut group exhibition Subject Matters.  Installed throughout the gallery's main exhibition spaces, Subject Matters II runs from January 14th to the 31st.  Originally inspired by the approach to curating introduced when Tate Modern re-opened - works installed by subject matter rather than chronologically, or by medium - Subject Matters II builds on this inviting concept by narrowing in on us, the people.  

Our complete 2017 exhibition schedule is listed online and makes for a handy reference when planning your visits to the gallery throughout the new year ahead.  It also makes for ease in saving the dates to join artists in celebration at our lively artist's opening parties.  Sean Yelland marks the first reception of 2017 with his 10th solo with the gallery opening on Thursday, March 23rd (6pm to 8pm).  Also in early 2017 programming, we look to the impressive art of printmaking in a group exhibition featuring both new as well as historical works.

Above: Daniel Hughes, Dusk in three colours
Left to right: Jessica Levman, Jane Everett, E. B. Cox, Travis Shilling

Subject Matters II
Heartbeats * Homes * Hills * Highways
January 14 - 31 . 2017

The level of engagement with our first Subject Matters exhibition was notable in its sparking great dialogue with visitors.  This encouraged us to re-visit the concept anew this year as an innovative way to commence our 2017 programming.

By considering works that look to who we are - through ourselves, the buildings we inhabit and the land we travel, in Subject Matters II we link the people, spaces and places together into a kaleidoscopic visual journey.

New and noteworthy works in the exhibition include landscape oil paintings fresh in from Daniel Hughes' studio. Teeming in light, the new works vary in scale and range through Hughes' signature palette.  Dusk in three colours, a glorious triptych is featured for you at the top. The first of new works since his excellent solo last spring, these ethereal landscapes come to be in the viewer's eye, as much as on the canvas.  Jessica Levman has been creating compelling companion works to her first collection of figurative works in at the gallery.  The new Transparencies works are large in scale and deep in impact.  Rendered with a mixture of media that captures the light and layers of her process, the works all share mylar as the ground, resulting in a sublime surface. Equally about light are new urbanscapes by Toronto-based Ryan Dineen and new works from Jane Everett open up the roads we take and the paths we travel.  So too do the soon to arrive works featuring overpasses, roadways and street scenes that Travis Shilling has magnificently rendered on 8 by 10 canvases.  From Andrew Bell to Sara Sniderhan, Rachel Berman to Sean Yelland - all artists with the gallery are represented in Subject Matters II.

In our signature approach, Subject Matters II also includes works by historically significant Canadian artists.  The houses and iconic barns of Barker Fairley's minimalist visual vocabulary play beautifully off of the rolling hills of Caven Atkins' early renderings of the then rural areas surrounding Toronto.  The figurative works of Florence Vale pair perfectly with the familiar faces and places of Jack Beder and Ken Danby.

Above: Travis Shilling, Early Morning

  Left to right: Jessica Levman, David Michael Scott, Carl Schaefer, Rachel Berman

Canadian Printmaking
February 11 - March 2 . 2017

Ingram Gallery has had a long and fulfilling history specializing in original  Canadian printmaking.   A technically challenging and beautifully rewarding approach to creating, printmaking is an important part of Canadian art history and art collecting.  Nicholas Hornyansky introduced the engaging technique of aquatint to Canadian printmakers in the early 20th century.  His works are frequently and avidly collected at the gallery.  February's upcoming exhibition Impression features a very important collection of rare and new to market Hornyansky works. 

Complementing the collection is a full look at printmaking techniques by contemporary artists David Michael Scott, Jessica Levman, Rachel Berman and others.  Newly available significant works by David Milne, Carl Schaefer, Ken Danby and Florence Vale make for our most comprehensive print exhibition to date.



  Installation day

Our love of community and our fondness for the history and beauty of our neighbourhood had us at work with the family of Joe Rosenthal on a purposeful public art project last year.  Included in both Subject Matters II and   Impression are Rosenthal's masterful works.  His lines are extraordinary, excelling within all media, as both a sculptor and a draughtsman.

Joe Rosenthal (R.C.A.)
The Conversation, bronze, edition 2/3

We are pleased to share with you that Rosenthal's The Conversation was installed in front of the gallery at the end of last year for all to enjoy.   As subject matter, The Conversation puts a smile on everyone's face as they pass by.  Quickly becoming a favourite spot for photographs, Rosenthal's newly installed bronze sculpture is happy at home on Hazelton Avenue.  Available for purchase, the sculpture sits on an Indiana limestone base and because of its large yet intimate scale, can be enjoyed inside as well as anywhere outside. Rosenthal's bronze sculpture is a perfect fit with everything that is and will be at the gallery for you to enjoy in 2017.

With special thanks to Susan Rosenthal, Artcast Inc. and HGH Granite.

Please be in touch for further information, as well as all purchase and press requests with respect to all of our January art news.  We enjoy hearing from you and love seeing you at the gallery.

All good things,
Tarah Aylward, Director   
Ingram Gallery 

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