INGRAM GALLERY | January 2020

The new decade begins with a collection of focused works in Hindsight from January 11 until February 1.  Looking backward to look forward, this exhibition contains numerous works that touch upon our sense of vision and the significance of the past and future on our present moment.  Please read on for more information about this and other stirring news.
RACHEL BERMAN  (1946-2014) 
The Adventures of Vincent Van Gogh on the Long March (2001) 7 x 12.25 inches, watercolour & mixed media  

           January 11 - February 1 . 2020    
Hindsight presents an assembly of remarkable works that examine our visual perception and offer time-bending views of the present.  The collection presents many new pieces that are fresh from studio as well as those from visionary artists of our past.  A variety of artists join the exhibition, such as Ryan Dineen, Jane Everett, Daniel Hughes, Steven Volpe, Rachel Berman (1946-2014), and Brian Burke, R.C.A. (1952-2017).  Comprising some of the most engaging voices in our timeline, Hindsight celebrates artistic engagement with concepts surrounding our sense of vision and the events of our complex past, present, and future.
BRIAN BURKE, R.C.A. (1952-2017) Assumption #4 (2014) 20 x 16 inches, oil on canvas 
David Michael Scott has delivered several powerful and awe-inspiring new works that will be included in the exhibition.  Animal forms take shape in their loose yet infinitesimal detail and breathtaking strokes of gouache and watercolour create profound significance in the artist's monumental vision.
Toronto-based photographer Jonathan Castellino will also appear in Hindsight and he has been ever-busy producing spellbinding works.  A consummate artist, Castellino captures and publishes images daily and the gallery will soon see his pristine archival prints on the walls.
JONATHAN CASTELLINO taper. (2020) 30 x 45 inches, archival print, ed.3 documenting what I encounter in the city, the images that I end up making are a mapped interiority cast outward, then articulated back in what you see. Architectural photography is so much more about hunting for questions than finding answers - and so it is a project for my life.  - Jonathan Castellino
Castellino is a photography instructor at the Willowbank School of Restoration Arts in Queenston, Ontario.  His work has appeared around Canada and internationally in books, journals, and magazines, as well as in notable online news publications and his own daily photography presence on Sacramental Perception.
DAVID MICHAEL SCOTT Turkey Feather (2019) 16 x 8 inches, gouache
Please join us for Hindsight from January 11 to February 1 and please  contact us for artist biographies, CVs, and other inquiries.
2020 Exhibition Schedule 
Our Exhibition Schedule for 2020 is set and promises an exhilarating year ahead.  A myriad of artful events await, including Sean Yelland's highly anticipated solo exhibition from May 2 - 27.  Save the date for the artist's opening reception on Saturday, May 2 from 2pm-4pm.  Jessica Levman's anticipated first solo exhibition at the gallery follows from June 13 - July 4 to the thrill of art appreciators.  Click here for further key dates and stay informed on details regarding upcoming events with Ingram Art News.
TRAVIS SHILLING Totem (2019) 48 x 48 inches, oil on canvas

Tyrannosaurus Clan - release
February 22 - March 12 . 2020

In February, Travis Shilling's Tyrannosaurus Clan arrives in Canada after revered public display at the Burlington City Arts in Vermont, U.S.A.  The exhibition will provide the first opportunity to acquire the magnificent pieces and the release will take place from February 22 until March 12.  Please email us with any inquiries or for a catalogue of this electric collection.

Studio visits are being scheduled and arrangements finalized with the artists who will see solo exhibitions this year.  John Doyle is at work in studio completing an exceptional body of work with his scintillating palette and accomplished brush.  His latest collection highlights the artist's capacity for interpreting the landscape and directing attention to its varying states of majesty.

After a great year, Jane Everett will be contributing visual design for the upcoming production of Shakespeare's Macbeth at Ballet Kelowna in Kelowna, B.C.  The performances will take place on May 1 - 2 at the Kelowna Community Theatre.

Let's get to it!  Please visit us for Hindsight from January 11 until February 1 and remember to stay on the sunny side of the street.

With gratitude & bright wishes,

Tarah Aylward, Director    
Ingram Gallery 

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 DAVID MICHAEL SCOTT Blackbird (2019) 8 x 10 inches, gouache
STEVEN VOLPE Natural History (2019) 36 x 30 inches, oil on canvas