Spring 2023


Jonathan Castellino’s solo exhibition after. opens Saturday, April 1. The honest and awe-inspiring photography collection is illuminated by the energy and insight that fills Castellino’s work and it marks his first formal solo at Ingram Gallery. Join Castellino at the anticipated artist’s opening reception on Saturday, April 1 from 1pm - 3pm.


controller. (2023) - archival print, edition of 3, 30 x 45 inches

Read on in this edition of Ingram Art News for a focus on Castellino and the collection of newly available works in after. Further on, we explore recent Travis Shilling press, his interview with CBC’s Fresh Air, and more.

Please contact us for the Castellino after. exhibition catalogue of works reflecting full details and pricing. We look forward to conversations together with Jonathan Castellino at his opening reception as well as throughout the course of the exhibition this April at the gallery.


quiet.light (2023) - archival print, edition of 3, 30 x 45 inches



April 1 - 21

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 1 | 1pm - 3pm

Jonathan Castellino’s after. presents remarkable impressions of the interior and exterior realms of modernity. The pieces move through time, draping and overlapping iterations of the temporal as they explore the boundaries between the material and the intangible, of nature and culture, of loss and rebirth.


hypnagogia. (2023) - archival print, edition of 3, 33.75 x 45 inches

“I make photographs in the moments where the physical (built) and mental (emotional) landscapes seem to coincide.”

- Jonathan Castellino

The exhibition distills years of Castellino’s work and is comprised of ten archival prints in unique, single editions, or within a markedly limited edition of three. The photographs in the collection are aptly framed with low-glare, UV protected museum glass and are of differing scales and pricing. Please contact us for the exhibition catalogue for after., including all purchasing details.


no.exit (2023) - archival print, edition of 3, 25.25 x 45 inches


“The title itself mirrors a relationship: there are the contemporary ruins, where my visit and document is made after the inhabitants have left – sometimes many years ahead of my visit. And then there is the form of the images: these are represented dreamscapes that take after memory; they are haunted and hard to place (except that we seem to know them) – and are sometimes layered, in an attempt to honour both the technical and emotional significance of their subject.”

- Jonathan Castellino

JONATHAN CASTELLINO (2023) - archival print, edition of 3, 30 x 45 inches

A consummate artist immersed in the field of photography, Jonathan Castellino’s authentic and humanistic perspective exists alongside an accomplished, refined, and unwavering vision. His works have appeared across Canada and internationally in books, journals, and magazines, as well as in notable online news publications. He has a daily photography presence on the website Sacramental Perception and after. marks Castellino’s first solo exhibition at Ingram Gallery.


velleity. (2023) - archival print, edition of 1, 16 x 24 inches


Travis Shilling was recently featured in a CBC article regarding his jacket design for musician Aysanabee that he wore in a performance with Northern Cree at the 2023 Juno Awards. The beautiful and symbolic coat was notably created along with fashion designers from Call and Response.

Following the award ceremony, Shilling took part in a captivating interview on CBC’s Fresh Air where the artist shares how the jacket came to be through discussions with Aysanabee and his time creating in studio. You can listen to the interview through this link to Shilling’s current page.


You Don't Have To Go - oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches

Six paintings by Travis Shilling (including the above) are on view at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery in their striking Portraits of Home group exhibition. With works by four artists, the mixed media collection reflects on identities through explorations of our landscape, culture, and use of representation. Portraits of Home continues at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery in Grimsby, Ontario until April 22 . 2023.

Contact us for a catalogue of available works by Travis Shilling and with pricing and purchase inquiries. Shilling's 2023 solo exhibition The Blue Tarp opens June 10.


Between Here and There

May 13 - 31

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 13 | 1pm - 3pm

Stay tuned to Ingram Art News for further updates on artists at the gallery, including a full feature on John Doyle’s 2023 solo exhibition Between Here and There, up next at the gallery from May 13 – 31.

JONATHAN CASTELLINO' (2023) - archival print, edition of 1, 18 x 24 inches

Meet and greet with Jonathan Castellino

at the artist’s opening reception:

Saturday, April 1 | 1pm to 3pm.

We look forward to welcoming you throughout the month of April and celebrating with Jonathan Castellino at the opening for after. on Saturday, April 1 from 1pm – 3pm!

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