INGRAM GALLERY | July & August 2018

As we travel into summer, Ingram Gallery formally welcomes Toni Hamel, an artist that continually offers fresh viewpoints on how we interact with the worlds around us.  Human behaviour and cultural phenomena are placed under the microscope as our past, present, and futures are all examined.  In her words, "Reality could indeed be different if we really wanted it to be."

The gallery is marking this new season with Summer Series XI, which draws us into the fluid movement of nature, road trips and our shared existence.  Please read on this news issue of Ingram Art News for details on what is in store for your next visit.

Invasive Species (2016)
36 x 36 inches, oil on canvas


11th Annual Group Exhibition
July 12 - August 25 . 2018

Our addition of Steven Volpe has introduced astounding works to the walls at Ingram.  The intimate environments he creates are mysterious yet somehow all too familiar.  Ryan Dineen's latest Georgian Bay landscape Go Home has also newly arrived to the walls as well as his jaw-dropping Starry Night, pictured here.

RYAN DINEEN Starry Night (2018) 30 x 40 inches, oil on canvas

The above works are accompanied by those of many other artists in this open and flowing exhibition.  Please join us from July 12th to August 25th for our 11th annual celebration of the season in Summer Series XI.

STEVEN VOLPE Winter Gathering (2018) 36 x 42 inches, oil on canvas



Toni Hamel is an Italian born artist that lives and works in Oshawa, a suburb of Toronto, Canada.  The scholarly Hamel offers unflinching visions of how human behaviour intersects with our natural worlds.

An inter-disciplinary artist, she fuses form and content by moving between mediums while evoking human influence on our environments.  Hamel not only highlights the iniquities that arise from human behaviour, she also offers insight into how we should improve.

Hamel is the recipient of numerous awards and three Ontario Arts Council grants.  She has exhibited in public and commercial galleries nationally and internationally, and her work can be found in the permanent public collections of the Government of Ontario and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, as well as in private collections in Canada, the United States of America, and Europe.  Hamel is repeatedly featured in Arts & Culture magazines in both print and online.

She has earned numerous academic achievements, including a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts of Lecce (Italy, 1983), a postgraduate Certificate in Computer Graphics from Sheridan College (Canada, 1991), the Golden Key National Honour Society Award from the University of Toronto (Specialist Programme in Psychology, 1997), and the Lubiam Prize (Milan, 1983).


TRAVIS SHILLING | Public Gallery Exhibitions

On the heels of his momentous Unknown Legends exhibition, Travis Shilling's works are currently on view in his Spirit of the Times solo exhibition at the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation in M'Chigeeng, Ontario until September 21st.  According to curator Anong Migwans Beam, "it is necessary to show the reality of the moment, the spirit of the times."  The Government of Canada is also currently featuring Shilling's The Village Dream in Art in the Tunnels - a public exhibition in Ottawa, Ontario.  

Later this year, Spirit of the Times will continue travelling to the Debajehmujig Mastin Gallery in Manitowaning, and Shilling's work is in the early stages of crossing the border to Vermont for his first solo exhibition in the USA during the fall of 2019.  Please stay tuned for further information on this exciting time.

E. B. COX (1914-2003) | Garden of the Greek Gods

E.B. Cox's Garden of the Greek Gods continues to see advances in their future placement at the east end of the Rose Garden at Exhibition Place, just south of Bandshell Park.  With a draft plan in motion, these twenty sculptures need to be excavated and moved to this enchanting new ground for all to enjoy, along with new bases, plaques, and lighting.  An architectural consultant hired by Exhibition Place is preparing a report on the logistics of the move, for review by a Working Group in late July.  The Gallery's Jeff Duns and the artist's daughter, Kathy Sutton, are members of this group.  We greatly look forward to seeing the Garden of the Greek Gods eventually being returned to a public setting.

At the time of writing, we at the gallery are saddened to have learned about the passing of Joe Rosenthal on July 1st  at the age of 97.  Please stay tuned for further information as we pause in memory of his life-long artistic career.

September 15 - October 6 . 2018

Daniel Hughes' solo exhibition, Flux, is highly anticipated as it promises to be a dazzling collection of work.  Save the date for the artist's opening on Saturday, September 15th | 2pm-4pm.  As we adventure through this summer season, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you to visit the gallery and engage with our Summer Series XI exhibition and everything that is art.

My very best to you,
Tarah Aylward, Director   
Ingram Gallery 

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