INGRAM GALLERY | July & August 2019

The gallery meets the exhilaration of summer with a host of new paintings in Summer Series XII.  The group exhibition is composed of numerous fresh pieces from the studios of the inspiriting artists we work alongside and the collection forms a remarkable assembly of reflections on our current moment.

Summer Series XII takes place from July 10 until August 17, presenting a series of engaging and adventurous new works.  Pieces by John Doyle, Jane Everett, Travis Shilling, Sean Yelland, and others adorn the walls as we absorb the most celebrated season of the year.  Continue reading for more details on these and other works.

SEAN YELLAND, Tourist Spot (2019) 36 x 28 inches, oil on canvas

Summer Series XII
 July 10 - August 17 . 2019 
Spectacular new canvases from the studio of John Doyle have arrived at the gallery to instant admiration from visitors.  Reflective landscapes come to life under Doyle's consummate brush and cultivated palette while these majestic environments are given expressive and celebratory renderings.

Jane Everett has also delivered an astonishing collection of new works on the heels of her recent public exhibition at the Kelowna Art Gallery in British Columbia.  Her  graceful and intrepid brushwork meets with a bold and sweeping energy which radiates throughout the pieces and their flowing subjects.

TRAVIS SHILLING Island #2 (2019) 30 x 40 inches, oil on canvas

Travis Shilling has just released his Island Series which is composed of six riveting oils of varying size that seemingly assimilate before the eye into their distinctive forms.  These imaginary landscapes are marked by Shilling increasing the intensity of the pigment in his oils in swirling vortices of motion and colour.

A collection of new paintings at the gallery from Sean Yelland offer gripping explorations of the city through his unique lens of piercing discernment and shadowy humour.  Commonplace visions find themselves holding monumental significance as our attention shifts between the artist's immense insight and fastidious subtlety.

FLORENCE VALE, Jugglers (1976) 20 x 26 inches, collage & mixed media   

An assembly of delightful small works by Ryan Price are currently on the walls that highlight the artist's sparkling compositional and mark making skills.  Humour, beauty, and insightful commentary share the same theatre as Price genially plays with the vast space of the small.

Numerous historical pieces have joined the gallery in recent days.  Jugglers (above) by Florence Vale (1909-2003) is captivating in its playful and exemplary nature.  An icon of our country's artistic history, Vale's work has been aptly described as being "transcendent and beyond time" (Gordon McLennan).
Memories of Kenya
September 12 - 28 . 2019

Daniel Hughes has produced a series of new works entitled Memories of Kenya that are soon to arrive at the gallery.  The collection from one of the country's leading figurative artists delves into the crux of human emotion in a variety of mediums.  From touching to stoic views of humanity, these pieces reflect upon Hughes' own memories from his childhood days spent in Kenya.  This release of new works will follow Hughes' engaging time at  The Rome Workshops in Italy where he lead a workshop on the topic of Contemporary Figure Drawing.


Ryan Dineen has been continuing to add to the beauty of our city with his completion of a new mural on Bellair Street.  His compelling vision draws attention to the symbolic Canadian goose in various forms of ascension, with the neighbourhood of Yorkville benefiting.

Travis Shilling will follow his electrifying release of new works at the gallery with a public exhibition in Vermont at Burlington City Arts from October 25, 2019 until February 2020.  This marks the artist's first solo exhibition in the United States.

Work by the late Brian Burke, R.C.A. (1952-2017) will also appear in a public exhibition in the Fall at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  Please stay tuned to Ingram Art News for further updates regarding this significant retrospective curated by Pan Wendt.

  JANE EVERETT Firepond I (2019) 36 x 48 inches, oil on canvas  
We are ready at the gallery for Summer Series XII which takes place from July 10 until August 17.  Please join us to engage with a collection of some of the finest works to animate our space and celebrate this brightest of seasons.

With kind regards, 
Tarah Aylward, Director    
Ingram Gallery 

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JOHN DOYLE, Mill Pond Shoreline III (2019) 30 x 30 inches, acrylic on canvas 
 SEAN YELLAND, The Troll (2015) 14 x 36 inches, oil on canvas