Lux presents an exhibition of significant photographic works by luminary artists of the medium. Running from May 7 – 27, the exhibition includes visionary pieces from notable figures in the field like Jonathan Castellino, Fred Herzog (1930-2019), Diana Thorneycroft, Candida Höfer, and Ricky Powell (1961-2021).

May 7 - 27 . 2022
JONATHAN CASTELLINO post.industrial (an homage to the Detroit Industry Murals of Diego Rivera) - archival print, ed. 1/3, 34 x 34 inches
The realm of photography holds a storied place in art history and ever-increasing capacity in the hands of the artists that dedicate themselves to the medium. Lux highlights boundless works by championed photographers that cross the scope of the artistic practice, from the solemn and profound to the playful and irreverent. The collection draws attention to the art making of celebrated artist Jonathan Castellino, who will join us at the gallery on Saturday May 7 as well as May 21.
JONATHAN CASTELLINO taper. - archival print, ed. 2/3, 30 x 45 inches
The photographic works of Fred Herzog (1930-2019) underscore the artist’s unwavering drive and dedication to the medium. Constrained by the expense of developing Kodachrome film, Herzog said in interview that he would often capture a single image of his subject. “Not two or three for safety – I had no money for that. So I had to know exactly how to expose it, take one picture, and hope it doesn’t get lost in the mail.”

In conversation with Jonathan Castellino, the artist offers insight into his unique processes and how his technical considerations are second nature by necessity when it comes to his subject matter.

“For some of the situations, I’m allowed to be there and specifically granted access, but the majority of time I’m spinning through a place… I have to keep moving and it’s not the time to think about exposure and metering and that sort of thing. Everything has to be locked and loaded.”
JONATHAN CASTELLINO in.comprehension - archival print, ed. 2/3, 30 x 45 inches
Castellino notes that the etymology of the word photography means writing with light, and that modern use usually relates to the concept of capturing an instance.

“I’ve travelled through places that I know I’m never gonna be able to see again and pulled out decent photos… In terms of technique, I turn my brain to autopilot and just go for the emotional thing, and being drawn to the light… Then I can focus on how a place makes me feel rather than ‘accurately representing’ what it looks like.”

Please contact us for the Lux exhibition catalogue and for any further details.  

FRED HERZOG (1930-2019)
Three Theatres (1957) - archival pigment print, ed. 20/20, 18 x 11.75 inches

“The photograph knows something about your subject that you don’t.”
- Jonathan Castellino

Avro Arrow at Sombre Hill (2009) - digital chromogenic print, ed. 8/20, 24 x 30 inches

The artists and estates that work alongside the gallery have been actively engaged in the public realm and we appreciate hearing about experiences with the works.

Travis Shilling’s Owl and The Excavators #2 from Tyrannosaurus Clan are creating a stir of energy on exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario as part of the gallery’s permanent collection.

Steven Volpe’s public exhibition at the Museum of Dufferin is running currently until July 2. Located in the Silo Gallery, The Works of Steven Volpe offers a meaningful look into the artist’s extraordinary body of work.

Frances Gage, R.C.A. (1924-2017)’s large-scale bronze Rosamund remains a fixture for art lovers while in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood.  Below is a photograph from the 1968 installation of the sculpture at 50 Prince Arthur Avenue, where it remains on public view. 

FRANCES GAGE (Prince Arthur Avenue, 1968) Lennon, Frank - photographer
Toronto Star Photograph Archive, courtesy of Toronto Public Library

FLORENCE VALE (Hazelton Avenue, 1973) Goode, Jeff - photographer
Toronto Star Photograph Archive, courtesy of Toronto Public Library

The Garden of the Greek Gods by E.B. Cox, R.C.A. (1914-2003) are being cared for in the process of their safe move to the Rose Garden at Exhibition Place. After a significant amount of effort, spearheaded by Cox’s daughter Kathy Sutton, The Gods are being safely relocated in keeping with the artist’s intention for the sculptures to be accessible to all members of the public. The works will be in their new home later this year and will unquestionably add to the artful nature of Toronto’s landscape.

The gallery will be host to a number of further artful developments and events in the coming days and weeks, including the arrival of new oils from the studio of Jane Everett and the new release of Travis Shilling’s cherished Sacred Sites. Please stay tuned to Ingram Art News for all to come.

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We look forward to the connections and conversations that will take place at the gallery during May’s Lux exhibition. Photographer Jonathan Castellino will be present to meet and greet on Saturday May 7 as well as May 21. Please contact us if you wish to prearrange a window of time for a personal connect with the artist on either of these days.

With appreciation & warmest wishes,

Tarah Aylward, Director   
Ingram Gallery
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JONATHAN CASTELLINO let.go - archival print, ed. 1/3, 30 x 45 inches