Ryan Price's All of the greys exhibition opens tomorrow and he will be at the gallery for the opening reception taking place from 2pm to 4pm.  This magnificent body of work allows us to share in the questioning of the world around us through Price's immeasurable mark making skills.  Pieces that begin as fun and impulsive for the artist continually find themselves holding new meanings over time as the world changes around them and the works find additional significance through their tone, texture, and wash.

All of the greys
March 2 - 22 . 2019

Opening reception with the artist: Saturday, March 2 | 2pm to 4pm

RYAN PRICE, majesty? 48 x 48 inches, graphite on gypsum

In a world where the dichotomy of black and white causes apprehension, All of the greys shifts our attention to the changing and multifaceted meanings that exist while Price's decisive line quality absorbs everything around it.  The collection radiates on the gallery's walls, with each piece commanding individual attention through Price's intuitive hand.  All of the titles end in question marks,  pressing for greater inquiry into everything we see around us.

RYAN PRICE, happy place? 12 x 16 inches, graphite on gypsum 

"Up to this point I've been working in a very intentionally unintentional way."
- Ryan Price

The artist has included a work of poesy in memory of Phil Stretten that will be included in the exhibition with the subtitle "(things realized and rediscovered while drawing these works, and since)."

Ryan Price lives and works in Guelph, Ontario.  Born in 1972, his artistic career has seen successive accomplishments with numerous solo and group exhibitions, including public exhibitions at the The Macdonald Stewart Art Centre and most recently at the Elora Centre for the Arts.  All of the greys is Price's sixth solo exhibition with the gallery.  His collaborative work with other artists is extensive, with his unique vision appearing on the covers of many albums and works of literature.  Notably, in 2006 Price re-illustrated Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven with his masterful drypoint engravings.

RYAN PRICE , hare, hare, hare? 16 x 16 inches, graphite on gypsum

RYAN PRICE, tilt? 12 x 24 inches, graphite on gypsum

There are nineteen new works in the collection ranging in scale from the intimate to his rarer large-scale.  You may preview selections from All of the greys on our website.  Please contact the gallery for a full catalogue of the works.

Solo Exhibition
April 27 - May 17 . 2019

Save the date - Opening reception: Saturday, April 27 | 2pm to 4pm

Travis Shilling's words are his creations.  Shilling is in studio at the heart of his work for his solo exhibition ahead this spring at the gallery.  He is decidedly creating as he passes through - thoughts are flowing as he observer and absorbs.  Please mark your calendar and join Shilling at his opening reception on Saturday, April 27 from 2pm to 4pm.

TRAVIS SHILLING, Works in progress, oil on canvas   

Later in May, we look forward to hosting two exhibitions simultaneously with Barry Hodgson's Islands and Ice and Barker Fairley's Town & Country.  Although greatly different, Hodgson and Fairley's works both offer potent views of their worlds within their respective concise forms of brushwork.  May 25 to June 8 promises to be an elegant and thought provoking time at the gallery.

New Works + The Rome Workshops

DANIEL HUGHES, Mind's eye I, II and II (2019) mixed media on board 

Daniel Hughes has delivered a number of extraordinary works to the gallery that are fresh from studio and mark an impressive moment in his career.  These pieces investigate memory itself, calling on forcible images from his childhood days spent in Kenya, East Africa.  Recollections of figures and hands are assembled and delicately rendered within sparse and amorphous settings while offering testament to the artist's immense vision.  The act of calling back memories from various parts of the mind happens simultaneously with Hughes' seamless use of a wide range of media, at times creating the images from charcoal, plaster, conté, and pastel.


This summer, Hughes will be leading a workshop in Rome, Italy on Contemporary Figure Drawing for The Rome Workshops.  These insightful classes will offer attendees direct perspective from the artist as well as other world-leading figurative artists in Rome.  Hughes will share his knowledge of both traditional and contemporary drawing techniques as the participants will complete multiple works using a variety of materials and grounds.  The Contemporary Figure Drawing workshop will make frequent trips to view Old Master works around Rome and will take place from June 24 to July 5, 2019.  Please click here to learn more about this exciting experience in the Eternal City.

RYAN PRICE, players? 24 x 48 inches, graphite on gypsum 

Our Book Shop has seen an increased amount of traffic recently as we have connected many visitors with our collection of new, rare, out of print, and limited edition titles.  You are invited to visit the gallery often and do not forget to enjoy the abundance of literature we have to offer on the topic of art in Canada.  

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery tomorrow for Ryan Price's opening reception, Saturday, March 2 from 2pm until 4pm.  This marks Ingram Gallery's first contemporary solo exhibition of the year and we are all particularly animated for this day.

"Art, undeniably, is conductive to happiness."
- Unknown

With good wishes, 
Tarah Aylward, Director    
Ingram Gallery 

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RYAN PRICE, maker? 24 x 12 inches, graphite on gypsum