Jump into the exquisite lines of Jack Nichols this May at Ingram Gallery.  Renowned for significant achievements throughout his lifetime career, Nichols is an artist for both the avid art enthusiast and the new appreciator alike.  A tailored look at his magically confident brush & ink mid-century works, Fluid is on view with the collection available for purchase until May 26.

The works on the walls throughout the gallery this month radiate with technical skill, compelling subject matter and innovative visions.  Ryan Dineen is in studio with a large-scale new canvas underway.  Already at the gallery is Dineen's latest painting, Western Islands,  featured here; Dineen's Killarney landscape is soon to arrive and will make for a great complement.  New works have arrived from the studios of Jessica Levman and Barry Hodgson.  With their works already on view, both of these artists will also be part of our upcoming ROCK | PAPER | SCISSORS exhibition which runs from June 9 to 30 and takes a focused look at sculpture, works on paper, and the alluring assemblage technique that is collage.

RYAN DINEEN Western Islands (2018) 40 x 60 inches, oil on canvas


JACK NICHOLS, R.C.A., O.S.A. (1921-2009)
May 5 - 26 . 2018

Jack Nichols was predominantly a figurative artist, though he seldom worked with models - his subjects were developed from memories of strangers and of those close to him.  From his childhood in Montreal to his life as a quiet and observant fixture of Cabbagetown, Toronto, Nichols repeatedly created works that offer profound and knowing visions of the human condition.  In his own words, "Understanding is never a question of just knowledge. It is also a problem of deep feeling."

JACK NICHOLS Raconteur (1964) 30 x 22.25 inches, brush & ink on paper

Over the course of his career, Nichols held numerous one-man shows at public galleries across Canada, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, Hart House, and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  He also exhibited in many national and international group shows, including the 1958 Venice Biennale where he showed alongside James Wilson Morrice, Jacques de Tonnancour and Anne Kahane.

Nichols was made a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art and was a respected educator, having taught at the University of Toronto, Ontario College of Art, and Vancouver School of Art.  His work currently belongs in many notable public collections, including the Vancouver Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Ontario, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Nation Gallery of Canada, and the Agnes Etherington Art Centre.

I wanted to be an artist before I even knew what the word art meant, I still don't know really what it means, I wanted to draw and put things down, I wanted to sing or play a musical instrument because I really felt most alive when I was doing that.

- Jack Nichols

Please contact the gallery to receive the Fluid catalogue as a PDF.  A preview of the collection can be found here.

As follow-up to Brian Burke, R.C.A. (1952-2017) being a finalist in the 2017 Kingston Portrait Prize, along with fellow gallery artist Daniel Hughes - Burke's shortlisted painting John Greer has wrapped from touring and is now installed and available at the gallery as part our May programming.  

Gallery goers are still thinking and talking about Travis Shilling's Unknown Legends solo last month.  For those that wish to re-visit, or for those that missed the opportunity to experience the collection - you can do so in a virtual manner through our 360° tour of the installation - please click here.

Sean Yelland and John Doyle are both in studio with many new works just completed and news ones taking shape.  Featured here, Sean Yelland's Upstairs, Downstairs is on view at the gallery.  It's verticality, phenomenal lighting and colour sense makes for an exceptional viewing experience.  Please stay tuned on news of Doyle's new works, as well as a newly cast bronze Joe Rosenthal sculpture slated to arrive from Artcast Inc. shortly.

SEAN YELLAND Upstairs, Downstairs (2017) 56 x 35.75 inches, oil on canvas

We are honoured to announce that Ingram Gallery is the representative of Canadian sculptor Frances Gage (1924-2017).   We are currently at work with the estate and will have a full feature on Gage and her exceptional achievements and modern sculptural masterpieces for you in the next issue of Ingram Art News.

May you visit the gallery often this month - we look forward to it!

All the best,
Tarah Aylward, Director   
Ingram Gallery 

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