INGRAM GALLERY | June - July 2020

Since our re-opening over the past few weeks at the gallery we have seen a magnetization to the arts from visitors and in conversation.  Through communal discussion and the farsighted capacity of art-making, our collective direction takes shape.
Sean Yelland's solo exhibition Lazy Boy takes place from June 6 - July 11.  This invigorating body of work introduces consuming and prescient canvases that underscore Yelland's emblematic style and sweeping insight.  The collection will have a lengthened timeline to provide for space so that all will be able to share in the artful experience of the works and their recurring instances of gleaming epiphany.  Please read on for a preview of the exhibition and for further details about visiting the gallery.
SEAN YELLAND Connection (2019) 36 x 60 inches, oil on canvas  
Lazy Boy 
June 6 - July 11 . 2020 
Sean Yelland's 2020 exhibition Lazy Boy navigates through themes of cosmic realism and cultural industriousness.  Astounding compositions take center stage as the natural world slowly encroaches on the constructions and byproducts of modern life.  The unexpected daily instances of poetic insight and humour become intertwined as displays of cultural artifice reflect the human psyche and its inescapable drive for self-expression. 
The exhibition's title piece reaffirms the monumental nature of Yelland's vision as commanding skies and a tower of scaffold loom over a reclining chair on the train tracks.  Staggering immensity unites with the minutiae of the painting's detailed rendering as the subject of the piece sits in limbo.  An observant bird contributes the performance of harbinger as layers of thematic concepts unfold.
  SEAN YELLAND One Way Ticket (2019) 48 x 48 inches, oil on canvas 
The collection notably sees Yelland including an increasing amount of human figures in his work, yet the individuals continue to exist in their own worlds while travelling to unknown locations.
After creating in studio for over a year, Yelland has produced a large collection of magnificent oils that testify to the artist's role as chronicler.  The canvases constitute a variety of sizes and range in pricing from $4400-$15,000.  Please contact the gallery to receive the full Sean Yelland: Lazy Boy catalogue and link through to our website for a preview of the collection.
SEAN YELLAND Beyond Help (2020) 48 x 48 inches, oil on canvas  
SEAN YELLAND Over / Under (2019) 40 x 50 inches, oil on canvas
 Sean Yelland lives and works in Toronto and graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1989.  His paintings have been exhibited to critical acclaim throughout Canada and often appear in serial form, which are released to the earnest demand of collectors.  He was notably shortlisted for the Kingston Portrait Prize in 2011 with his entry displayed on the cover of its catalogue.  Yelland profoundly and observantly documents his city of Toronto while his works inescapably gesture toward universal truths of existence. 
SEAN YELLAND Lazy Boy (2020) 48 x 60 inches, oil on canvas 
The longer timeline for Sean Yelland's Lazy Boy provides for ample room within the gallery's broad and airy environment to allow for safe physical-distancing amongst visitors.  While an opening reception is not possible, we aim to ensure extra opportunity to meet Yelland and tour the collection.  As added value to your gallery experience we have introduced our new "Inside 5".  Please contact the gallery to schedule your preference of a visit - from doing so privately, up to a personal group of five guests.  We equally invite you to come by the gallery at any time.
Sean Yelland will be popping in and out throughout the course of the exhibition.  He will be at the gallery for Saturday afternoon visits and also for some appointments so all may safely and comfortably engage with this visionary collection in person.

We look forward to answering any questions and to seeing you soon as we share in appreciation for the transformative power of art and the outstanding artists we work alongside.  Welcome back.

With all the best wishes,

Tarah Aylward, Director    
Ingram Gallery

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