INGRAM GALLERY | Spring 2019

Building on a brilliant year of artistic achievements since Unknown Legends, Travis Shilling follows with a collection of eighteen striking new works in Silent Traveller.  Join Shilling at the gallery on Saturday, April 27 for his opening reception between 2pm and 4pm as we get a first look at this remarkable body of work that highlights the artist's riveting subject matter and his electric paint.

TRAVIS SHILLING, Back in Your Arms (2019) 30 x 40 inches, oil on canvas

Silent Traveller
April 27 - May 17 . 2019

Opening reception with the artist: Saturday, April 27 | 2pm to 4pm

TRAVIS SHILLING, Over the Falls (2019) 36 x 36 inches, oil on canvas

Travis Shilling's visionary style has brought an unparalleled collection of paintings in his newest exhibition, Silent Traveller.  These oils find themselves in an interaction of narrative relationships: figures intersect with animal worlds, composing art in their likeness; Woodland-style imagery conjures ancient legends in Shilling's distinct brushwork; and human and nonhuman lives hurtle through the stratosphere.  Shilling's dreamlike and revelatory canvases offer raw and vivid depictions of the connection between ourselves and the worlds that surround us.

TRAVIS SHILLING, The Duck Blind and Heron (2019) 30 x 30 inches, oil on canvas  

Travis Shilling was born in the Chippewas of Rama First Nation in 1978 and is an artist and filmmaker that examines the human condition alongside the natural and animal worlds.  Silent Traveller will be followed by the artist's first public solo exhibition in the United States at Burlington City Arts in Vermont from October 25, 2019 until February 8, 2020.  He was recently shortlisted to create a permanent commission for the University of Toronto in their Re-Imagining Place: The Hart House Centennial Commission and his paintings have been included in exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Mendel Art Gallery, Orillia Museum of Art and History, and the MacLaren Art Centre.  Shilling's The Village Dream is currently on exhibition in the Government of Canada's Art in the Tunnels: From Here to There project in Ottawa, Ontario.  His work is found in public collections across Ontario; the Smithsonian Institute, the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.; the Citadelle Art Foundation in Texas; and numerous corporate and international private collections.

TRAVIS SHILLING, Beaver Moon (2019) 30 x 30 inches, oil on canvas

TRAVIS SHILLING, Horse and the Moon (2019) 36 x 48 inches, oil on canvas

Join Shilling at the gallery for the opening reception of Silent Traveller on Saturday, April 27 from 2pm to 4pm and please contact the gallery to receive the exhibition catalogue for full details.
TRAVIS SHILLING, The Mask Maker (2019) 48 x 60 inches, oil on canvas

Town & Country

Islands and Ice

May 25 - June 8 . 2019

Moving forward in May, we will be hosting a dual exhibition with Islands and Ice by Barry Hodgson and Town & Country by Barker Fairley, R.C.A. (1887 - 1986).  This complementary display of Hodgson and Fairley's work offers a closer look at each artist's astute approach to painting.  Hodgson's Islands and Ice will offer a vibrant and sincere glimpse into the transitory and isolated landscapes that exist at the edge of our country, while Fairley's Town & Country promises to offer a discerning view of the urban dwellers and rural vistas that form our lives.

In studio with BARRY HODGSON, Spring 2019

Please save the date for the opening reception for Barry Hodgson's Islands and Ice and Barker Fairley's Town & Country on May 25 from 2pm to 4pm.

 "Wood is my favorite medium... for it dictates what one may do with it.  Each carved chip reveals a new world of beauty of grain."
- Frances Gage, R.C.A.

The gallery has seen the addition of handsome works from sculptor Frances Gage, R.C.A. (1924-2017).  These affecting walnut sculptures stand at 33 and 46 inches respectively and have had visitors delighted since their arrival.  Please visit the gallery to see them in person as well as other significant works from the exceptional Gage.

We have also seen the addition of a number of magnificent bronze sculptures by Joe Rosenthal, R.C.A. (1921-2018).  Moving and thought-provoking, this collection embodies the universal nature of Rosenthal's vision and distinguished technical skill.

STEVEN VOLPE, Legacy (2019) 42 x 33 inches,  oil on canvas

A myriad of newsworthy events have also been taking place associated with the contemporary artists that we work alongside:

Steven Volpe has delivered his work Legacy (above) to the gallery, offering a poignant homage to fellow artist Jean Paul Lemieux, C.C., G.O.Q. (1904-1990).  Volpe's painting Balzac's CafĂ© (2018) has also recently been accorded the DeSerres Award in the Ontario Society of Artists 146th Open Juried Exhibition.

The newly delivered House in Fog (below) by David Michael Scott has also been engaging visitors with discussion of its exquisite merging of loose and exacting oil painting. 

DAVID MICHAEL SCOTT, House in Fog (2019) 13.5 x 11 inches, oil on board

Jane Everett's public exhibition Understory is currently taking place at the Kelowna Art Gallery in British Columbia until June 16, 2019.  This immersive installation exists under the influence of the air currents in the gallery, swaying to directional changes in their atmosphere.

Sean Yelland and Toni Hamel are each currently at work creating new canvases that are soon to arrive at the gallery to great anticipation.  Visit often to catch these works fresh from studio.

  RYAN DINEEN, Cycle (2019) 48 x 72 inches, oil on canvas
A big thank you to all who joined us for the Ingram Social with Ryan Dineen.  The day was notably marked by the unveiling of Dineen's newest work Cycle (above) which has kept the gallery in artful discussion ever since.

We look forward to seeing you at the opening reception for Travis Shilling's Silent Traveller on Saturday, April 27 from 2pm until 4pm.  It will indeed be an unforgettable event with this breathtaking collection of new works together in the same time and space.

With bright wishes, 
Tarah Aylward, Director    
Ingram Gallery 

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TRAVIS SHILLING, The Owl Carving (2019) 30 x 30 inches, oil on canvas   
TRAVIS SHILLING, The Early Days (2019) 24 x 24 inches, oil on canvas