A double exhibition of the elegant works of Barker Fairley (1887-1986) and Barry Hodgson keep the pace with a dynamic 2019.  Both artists complement each other as they construct and deconstruct their surroundings in allied yet variant approaches.  Fairley's Town & Country takes place alongside Hodgson's Islands and Ice from May 25 until June 8.  Join us for the opening reception on Saturday, May 25 from 2pm to 4pm. 

BARKER FAIRLEY, PEC Little White Cloud (1978) 16 x 20 inches, oil on masonite

May 25 - June 8 . 2019

Opening reception: Saturday, May 25 | 2pm to 4pm

Town & Country

It was at the age of 45 that Barker Fairley began painting, later claiming that it was at this age where he began to find any accomplishment of note.  With eloquent brushwork and an eye for requisite form, Fairley depicts landscapes and figures in an inimitable fashion.  Like in his prowess for translating the delicate language of Goethe's Faust, Fairley exquisitely translates the world around him into the essential and minimal language of his brush.

Town & Country looks at both Fairley's figurative and landscape works together, highlighting the overarching view that emerges from the works as a collection.

BARKER FAIRLEY,  Dorothy Robertson (1960) 24 x 20 inches, oil on masonite   

Barker Fairley was born in Yorkshire, England in 1887 and passed away in Toronto at the age of 99.  Fairley was a scholar of German literature and art criticism, joining  the faculty at the University of Toronto's German department from 1915 until his passing.

Living in Toronto, Fairley became a member of the Arts & Letters Club and a vocal proponent for the artistic legitimacy of the Group of Seven.  He founded The Canadian Forum publication in 1920 and is seen seated with members of The Group in their most iconic photograph, taken at the Arts and Letters Club in the same year.

"The painter or draftsman always has to compromise between a flat surface and a subject that is not flat. My own method has always been to accept the flatness."
- Barker Fairley  

BARKER FAIRLEY, West Wing (1959) 20 x 24 inches, oil on masonite 

Fairley's work has been exhibited in a large number of group and solo exhibitions, including those at the Picture Loan Society in Toronto, Ontario; the Jacox Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta; Hart House, University of Toronto; and Galerie Wolfgang Gurlitt in Munich, Germany.  His works are found in the collections of Hart House, University of Toronto; the Canada Council for the Arts in Ottawa, Ontario; and the Art Gallery of Ontario.  Barker Fairley was named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canadian Artists and was appointed to the Order of Canada.

Please contact the gallery for the Town & Country exhibition catalogue.

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Islands and Ice
Barry Hodgson's Islands and Ice offers vivid and genuine contemplations of the ever-changing icebergs and landscapes that exist at the margins of our country.  Delicate yet overpowering forms are illuminated by Hodgson's venerated brushwork while the subjects are examined in their fundamental physical forms.  Islands and Ice sees Hodgson's painterly articulation existing in harmony with the complex and subtle structure of his chosen figures.

BARRY HODGSON, Off Fogo (Grey) (2018) 36 x 48 inches, oil on panel 

"Nature is what I understand; what I want to celebrate."
- Barry Hodgson

Born in 1954, Barry Hodgson lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario and is a graduate of the University of Guelph.  Hodgson has shown his work in an array of public and private galleries in Canada and he follows Islands and Ice at Ingram Gallery in a public exhibition at the Wellington County Museum & Archives in Wellington, Ontario.  Hodgson's work is a part of significant collections throughout Canada including the Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre in Guelph, Ontario, and Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. 

BARRY HODGSON, Small Iceberg, Barr'd Islands (2019) 24 x 30 inches, oil on panel  
Islands and Ice presents thirteen new pieces by Hodgson, ranging from small works on paper to large oils on panel.  Please join Barry Hodgson at the opening reception for Islands and Ice on Saturday, May 25 from 2pm to 4pm and please contact the gallery to receive the exhibition catalogue for full details. 

New works by Toni Hamel have arrived from studio to immediate acclaim and commendation from visitors to the gallery.  These striking oils belong to her new series While You Were Sleeping and testify to her adventurous sense of perception and her raw and fearless brushwork.  Hamel will see her first solo exhibition with the gallery next Spring - please stay tuned to Ingram Art News for updates.

TONI HAMEL, Town & Country I, Town and Country II (2019) each - 36 x 36 inches,  oil on panel

Sean Yelland is in the final stretch of preparing new paintings that are soon to arrive at the gallery.  Please visit often to catch these outstanding new works as they appear.

John Doyle is currently in studio creating a number of fresh canvases and many art appreciators have expressed a sense of anticipation regarding what is to come of this period. 

  RITA LETENDRE, R.C.A. (b. 1928) Untitled - Abstract (1954) 10 x 14 inches, gouache on card 
A wonderful collection of new and significant historical pieces have also arrived at the gallery.  Works by seminal artists such as Betty Goodwin and Jock Macdonald have become focal points in numerous discussions as of late and we invite you to experience these and other great works in person.

The double opening reception for the Barker Fairley and Barry Hodgson exhibitions promises to be an artful introduction to the happiest of seasons.  Join in at the gallery this Saturday, May 25 from 2pm until 4pm.

With all best wishes, 
Tarah Aylward, Director    
Ingram Gallery 

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  BARKER FAIRLEY, Untitled - Two Barns 24 x 40 inches, oil on masonite
BARRY HODGSON, Hearts Content (2017) 5.5 x 6.5 inches, watercolour on terraskin