The gallery is charged with excitement from the new arrivals and art news that enliven our experiences. An environment of creation and evolution, the gallery offers an open space for everyone in discovery and immersion in art. Whether during or outside of exhibitions, the gallery is a hub for conversation and serendipitous meetings between art appreciators and artists, with Saturdays becoming socials and bringing a cultural fix for many.

HAROLD TOWN, R.C.A. (1924-1990)

Interior, 1957 - oil on canvas, 25 x 29.25 inches

In this edition of Ingram Art News we explore the enchanting events ahead in our 2024 Exhibition Schedule, the power of connectivity and coincidence in art, and the creativity of the contemporary and historical artists that we work alongside.

The connective nature of art is clear as we consider the work of Harold Town (above), who wrote an indispensable biography on the life, times, and work of fellow artist Albert Franck in Albert Franck: Keeper of the Lanes. Franck’s self-taught, iconic visions of the overlooked houses and laneways of Toronto hold a far-reaching influence on urban art-making, and the painter serves as documentarian of the city as exemplified in his 1963 painting Behind Seaton St (below).

ALBERT FRANCK, R.C.A. (1899-1973)

Behind Seaton St, 1963 - oil on masonite, 16 x 12 inches

A few houses north of the gallery on Hazelton Avenue is the home where Albert Franck lived with his wife – the likewise exceptional artist Florence Vale. In a circle of connections, Vale’s art held direct inspiration for the younger Harold Town, who playfully ‘borrowed’ a drawing from her studio, leading to his creation of hundreds of works that form the Vale Variations.

FLORENCE VALE (1909-2003)

Pyramid of Roses III, 1976 - pen & ink, 6 x 9 inches

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velleity. - unique archival print, 1/1, 16 x 24 inches

The coming year will see a variety of events at the gallery, including an exhibition of the art of Florence Vale (1909-2003) as well as contemporary artists like Jane Everett, Barry Hodgson, David Michael Scott, and Travis Shilling.

Fresh landscapes by John Doyle have just arrived at the gallery on the heels of his acclaimed Between Here and There exhibition. These newest paintings are filled with dimensionality and vivid, expressive visions of the artist’s surrounding environments. 


Bring the Old Spirits Home - oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches

Jane Everett has been creating remarkable paintings in studio that add to the artist’s cultivated use of light, abstraction, and realism. Free and open streams flowing near the water’s edge swirl around its tethered flora, bringing vibrant and musical expression to the artist’s lyrical pieces.

Travis Shilling’s newest works are filled with movement and inimitable artistic vision. In canvases like Bring the Old Spirits Home, the artist’s enthralling decision-making lures the eye while its narrative histories bring multiple vantage points to life.


The Pack - oil on canvas, 30 x 30 inches

Steven Volpe’s painting The Pack continues the artist’s string of successes on canvas. The unfolding composition and narratives are met with Volpe’s unique concision and masterful illumination through brushwork.

Luke Pestl has been creating a collection of new glazed stoneware pieces in his Toronto studio which will appear in Ingram Art News in due course. Pestl has held recent exhibitions that include the public solo I Just Want to Feel Something in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. 

The secret of life is in art.

- Oscar Wilde

RACHEL BERMAN (1946-2014)

Time, Between Pole and Tropic - oil & graphite, 12.5 x 19.5 inches

There is much ahead so stay tuned to Ingram Art News for details on the upcoming exhibition, 24 // 24 // 24. This will be a 2024 collection with 24 works at 24 Hazelton Avenue, in celebration of Ingram Gallery’s 24th year in Toronto’s Yorkville. This exhibition (and its coincidences) will run from February 14 – 24.

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Woman with Pink Hair - oil on panel, 20 x 16 inches