The Exhibition Schedule is positioned for the year ahead as we look toward a procession of artful events and artistic achievements taking place at the gallery.

This edition of Ingram Art News explores captivating art making from the studios of contemporary artists and historical estates we work alongside as well as a look at our upcoming 2022 Exhibition Schedule.

JONATHAN CASTELLINO - archival print, edition of 3, 25.5 x 45 inches
Ahead in May is Lux, an exhibition of significant photographic works by Jonathan Castellino and other championed artists of the medium. Preeminent figures like Fred Herzog (1930-2019), Diana Thorneycroft, and more join the exhibition, highlighting the consummate artistry of these photographers and their unequivocal vision.
over.due - archival print, edition of 3, 30 x 45 inches
“The task of the artist, then, is to force us to re-see the ordinary – that collection of things which we have replaced with place-holders. In this way, we are able to see that every single thing can be raised up, as it were, can be re-seen, as if for the first time.”

Jonathan Castellino, On Art and Aesthetics, 2020

June at the gallery sees a new collection of Travis Shilling’s Sacred Sites that continue the artist’s visionary exploration of our past and present with the symbolic power of water through the medium of watercolour.  

Further in the year, Sean Yelland’s anticipated 2022 solo exhibition What’s the point? opens in September. Jane Everett’s likewise-anticipated 2022 solo As Kingfishers Catch Fire takes place in November.

There is much to mark in the calendar.

Ice Age - oil on canvas | diptych, 30 x 49 inches
Artist Steven Volpe’s public solo exhibition at the Museum of Dufferin opens this month. The Works of Steven Volpe covers a large scope of the artist’s fluid, poignant oils and runs from April 23rd – July 2nd.

Barry Hodgson recently delivered The Garden series to the gallery. This collection of extraordinary pieces illuminate the artist’s subject matter across the seasons. 
The Garden (Spring) - ink, pastel & watercolour, 20 x 22 inches
Ryan Dineen's newest oil The Beautiful Game (below) arrived at the gallery and the impeccable canvas continues Dineen’s artful draw to the realm of sports.

The sculptures of E.B. Cox, R.C.A. (1914-2003) hold a special place in our shared art history. Through figurative, animal, and abstract forms to the artist’s monumental large-scale works, Cox is considered the country’s foremost stone sculptor and his works are found on view more than any other artist in the city of Toronto.

The Beautiful Game - oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches

E.B. COX, R.C.A. (1914-2003)

Abstract Form - cedar, 41 x 21 x 7 inches

An installation is currently on view at the gallery highlighting the extraordinary works of Nicholas Hornyansky, R.C.A. (1896-1965). Focusing attention on aquatint printmaking, Hornyansky technically mastered and advanced the medium while dedicating considerable energy toward the appreciation and support of other artists in the field of printmaking. His work is part of countless significant collections, which include the National Gallery of Canada, the Library of Congress in the United States, and the private collection of Dowager Queen Elisabeth of Belgium. Film studies have uncovered Hornyansky’s work appearing in Stanley Kubrick’s lauded 1980 film The Shining.

Quebec City from the East - aquatint, 5.75 x 6.75 inches

Library Tower, Parliament Ottawa - aquatint, 5.75 x 4.75 inches

FLORENCE VALE (1909-2003)
Juggler, 1963 - oil & collage on board, 12 x 10 inches

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Please contact us for details on any artist and their work or for a catalogue of available pieces.  As always, we look forward to seeing you and sharing in art and beauty.

Until then - with best wishes,

Tarah Aylward, Director   
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