A Message From THA
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many in-person educational classes offered by the Association had to be cancelled. The Association quickly developed a modified online 5 Hour Continuing Education Class to meet the license renewal needs of several hundred industry affiliates in Tennessee. The class is working well, and many of you have completed your license renewal requirements. Thank you! .... (See more on the 5 hour online class at the end of this notice.)

APPROVED TODAY AT 3:10 PM CST: We now have initial licensing classes available, as well.
15 Hour Initial Licensing Education has just been approved by the Department of Commerce & Insurance

THA has developed online training modules/videos (13), as well as content review exams (11, to ensure education viewing compliance), for the State of Tennessee's required 15 Hour initial licensing class for manufactured housing retailer and installer candidates. THA will provide training resources (to include links for downloading power point presentations, agency supplied information, an educational workbook and a federal and state law compilation book which includes 24 CFR Part 3285, Tennessee law 68-126, associated rules/regulations, as well as the ANSI A225.1 [adopted document for the installation of used homes]). 
First, candidates should understand the developed online training will be Phase I of the required State statutory requirements needed to pursue a Tennessee manufactured housing license or certification, with the State’s mandated written test considered as Phase II.

Second, THA will begin notifying all pre-registered and paid candidates of past cancelled in-person classes, so there is no need to call the Association. (THA staff will be working to e-mail or call you, beginning Tuesday, May 5th, with your accessible class links.) Check your in-box!

See more about the Phases of training, below.
To complete Phase I of this educational online program, candidates will utilize provided links to access a series of educational resources, videos and content examinations.

These modules/videos and exams meet the educational statutory requirements needed in Tennessee, in order to pursue a license in manufactured housing retail sales or a license/certification for home installations. 

Candidates must complete each module of the training, in order ... and must complete each module exam, by scoring 70% or better. As candidates complete a module and take the respective exam, the Association will be automatically notified, via a candidates online module exam score. Once a candidate has satisfactorily completed all sections/exams, a certificate of education will be e-mailed to the candidate. Candidates must retain the educational certificate, as proof of completing the required statutory education.

Additional information on this entire process is contained within the online training modules, and the provided resources.
Phase II of education will require passing a state issued exam, given by Morris & McDaniel, Inc. 

Candidates who have completed their education will be notified by the Association, when the State resumes in-person testing, or provides additional guidance on remote testing, through Morris & McDaniel, Inc. 

Exam fees are included in the pre-payment amount of this class, so candidates will not pay a separate testing fee. Should a candidate fail the state issued exam, an additional $125 will be charged by the testing company, to re-administer the exam. 

The testing company will only administer exams to individuals who have been verified as satisfactorily registering, pre-paying and passing all module exams.

As a note:  If candidates do not have easy access to a printer and need a copy of resources before beginning the online study, an educational package will be shipped to the requesting candidate.
Commerce & Insurance has announced a change to the statewide territory map for manufactured housing inspectors. This new inspector reference will take affect, beginning May 26, 2020. Click the map for a downloadable copy!
05 Hour Continuing Education Offered Online - For A Limited Time -
This online training access will be offered for a limited time.  Once federal and state travel restrictions have been lifted and approval for gatherings has been waived, the State of Tennessee will resume the requirement for ‘in-person’ class attendance, if health and safety can be maintained for all. Take this opportunity now, to complete your 2020 education online! .... CLICK HERE for a registration form.

The Tennessee Housing Association (THA) currently remains open during this COVID-19 pandemic, as we work to serve our members.
Construction (all housing) and related services are considered "Essential Services".
However, we strongly request you refrain from visiting our offices at this time, in order to maintain the health and safety of all.

If you need assistance, please call 615/256-4733 or e-mail Rhonda at Office@tnmha.org .