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  • IMPORTANT - Placing Your Unit Order by August 19
  • One Key Leader Briefing Left!
  • FAQ
Initial Unit Orders Due August 19

If your unit wants to have popcorn available for Scouts to sell starting September 10, you need to place your initial order no later than 1:00 pm (central) on Wednesday, August 19. There are two options for placing the order:

Option 1 – Place order online in the Camp Masters popcorn system
Option 2 – Place order by calling (701) 293-5011 or toll-free at (877) 293-5011
  • No returns to council (use remaining product to fill “take-orders”)
  • A limited quantity of extra product will be available from the council if you need more
  • Units will be limited to order 65% of the total 2019 sales (there is a worksheet to help you determine how much popcorn to order here)
  • Order full cases only (see note below)

For the initial order, units will receive full cases of product. However, in the Camp Masters popcorn system, you will need to enter container amounts. If you use the Initial Order Worksheet, it will make the conversion to containers for you.

If you have already entered your unit order in the Camp Master system, please check to make sure you entered "container quantities" and not "case quantities". We don't want you to be surprised when we have only 12 bags of Caramel Corn, when you ready wanted 144 (which would be 12 cases).

Key Leader Briefing Webinar

If you missed one of the previous Key Leader Briefings, this will be your last chance to get all of the 2020 popcorn information in a video format. All of the information is available on the popcorn web page, but most people like to watch a presentation rather than do a bunch of reading!

The webinar on Tuesday, August 18 will start at 7:00 pm (central). To participate use the link below to register for the webinar.
If you aren't sure if you have already signed up for the webinar, use the links below to check the current registration list.

After registering for the webinar:

  • You will receive a confirmation email stating you have registered for the webinar
  • You will receive a reminder email 1-hour before the start of the webinar
  • Make sure to contact your District Popcorn Kernel or District Executive to pick up your unit's sale materials after the webinar
FAQ (frequently asked questions)

During the previous webinars and and throughout the sale, there are always questions that pop up. There is a FAQ section on the popcorn page.

If you don't see the answer to your question there, please contact us.
Contacts for More Information

District Popcorn Kernels

Oxcart Trails - Ben Smith
Lakes - Carrie Braaten
Northern Sky - Sandy Meyer
Lake Agassiz - Jasmine Hurley
Roughrider - Jen Eilts
Tomahawk - Shelly Zumbaum
Frontier Trails - Justine Meidinger
Great Plains - Brant Cartwright

For general sale questions and technical assistance, please contact:

(701) 499-0646 office
(218) 979-4653 cell

For assistance with orders, paperwork or prizes, please contact:

(701) 293-5011 office

Council Popcorn Kernel - Steve Smith