Simple tips to help you
work more comfortably
from home
1. “Go” to work!  Shower, dress, and keep to a schedule.
Routines help make you aware of the flow of your day, your accomplishments, and to distinguish one day from another.
2. Optimize work space set up.
Click here for work area set up tips.
3. Schedule movement breaks throughout your day.
Wear an activity tracker, set a timer, or schedule an appointment with yourself.
4. Perform stretches and short exercises throughout the day.
What’s your favorite? 3 yoga poses, 12 crunches, 5 push-ups or even jumping jacks
5. Prevent eye strain.
Be sure to blink often, take eye breaks, alternate looking at objects at different distances.

Follow an analog eye clock with your eyes: Start at the 12 o'clock, and rotate your eyes to engage your eye muscles.
6. Check your posture every 20 to 30 minutes: are you hunched over, or "turtling" your neck forward?
Find the back of your chair, drop your shoulders, and align your head over your spine.
7. Take hand breaks and put down your portable devices.
Ongoing grip of a mouse, phone, or tablet can fatigue your hands, so stretch and move your fingers throughout the day.
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" Very helpful tips in how to position myself with the computer, chair, arm angles, and learn exercises for my hands."
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