Stop Wasting Time Chasing Paperwork. SportsWare Lets You Focus on What's Important - the Athlete! 
With SportsWare, you no longer have to: 

Print coaches' reports - coaches can check athlete status reports right from their phone.

Chase athletes to have them complete paperwork - coaches can see list of all in-eligible athletes.

Print travel reports - coaches can pull athlete emergency contact information from their phone in the case of an emergency.

Manually distribute and track athlete pre-participation forms - SportsWare automatically distributes forms and when athletes login, they see which forms are waiting to be completed. 

Keep printing the same referral form for an athlete - athletes can login and print their own form.

Send a copy of the athlete injury history to the physician - physicians can login and view a read-only copy of their injury record.

Manage insurance claims - the benefits administrator can update athlete insurance payments.

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Here are Just A Few of Our  Time  Saving New Features

Undelete Feature - Now when you accidentally delete a record, it is safely tucked away. It will not appear on any of the listing screens or reports but can be easily recovered if need be. 

Improved Navigation - Entering data on athletes, injuries, treatment, and medical history is now easier than ever before. Efficiently move from screen to screen with enhanced menu bar navigation. 

Exercise/treatment protocols - Easily standardize treatments across Athletic Trainers by selecting your pre-loaded exercise and treatment protocols. 
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