You may not need to invest in a new digital press. There are other options.
How to Offer Digital Inkjet Printing
(Without Buying a New Press)
Robert Ellis
Robert Ellis President and CEO

Many Document Data Solutions customers are looking for ways to take advantage of variable color print; both to personalize the documents they produce and to streamline their workflows.  Despite all the news coverage about converting to pure digital environments, not everyone is ready to (or should) make that move.  Over the last several years we've enabled our customers to leverage their existing investments in presses, transports, and finishing gear they already own. We've invented hybrid solutions that allow our customers to meet their client demands for color variable data. It is unnecessary to add entirely new document processes to provide clients with the features they want at a fraction of the cost.
Our latest development makes hybrid printing even more compelling. DDS has supported up to five 800 feet per minute color modules stitched together for web printing applications (that's over 21 inches of contiguous print) for some time now, but just in time for last month's Graph Expo show we announced the ability to stitch three of our high quality 500 feet per minute inkjet heads together for cutsheet/vacuum transport configurations. Printers can now personalize an entire page, up to a width of over 12 inches. For many applications, this means print service providers can compose entire documents of variable text and images. Document producers can add personalization wherever they need it. They will not be constrained by a print-width restriction.
Document creators can add personalized data on the left, on the right, and every place in between for direct mail marketing, packaging, and many other types of jobs. Designers can decide about window placement, die cuts, tab locations, folds, or glue lines without compromise because the DDS print heads can image across the entire width.
Print service providers will be happy to hear we've also rolled out our PDF workflow which complements the functionality of a wider print width. When printers receive PDF files with variable personalized data on every page, they can go right to the press with no extra manual or conversion steps.
In the past, printers had to return files to their customers and ask them to optimize for variable data printing workflows, putting the jobs at risk of being late. This will longer be necessary. Both these latest innovations come with our standard functionality, such as read and print, already built in.
There is no doubt that more printing clients will ask for variable data printing. They continue to accumulate information about their customers and prospects for tailoring messages, images, and offers specifically to individuals. Putting that data to work makes direct mail a powerful channel that marketers can't ignore. Print service providers must be able to create those personalized documents to take part in the most lucrative portion of the printing business. The latest innovations from DDS will help them do it.
If you would like to see a demonstration of the latest tools to help printers grow their businesses in a reasonable manner, contact us at the number below. We are proud to show you what we can do.

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