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The protests are very important but the violence and looting is very destructive. Brutality is not fought with brutality, and the looting is creating deep hardship for so many. It's
time to pray for peace. We can each help by opening our hearts to our Oneness - with each other and with all living things, including Mother Earth. Brutality will end when each of us experience our Oneness. Race, gender, and sexual identity become welcome diversity when we feel our Oneness in our souls.  

DO YOU FEEL SEEN AND VALUED?                
By Dr. Margaret Paul
When you see and value yourself, how do you manage the feelings that may still come up when others don't see and value you?   
Earlier in my life I didn't feel seen by others. Since I never felt seen by my parents, I figured this was just the way it was in life. While sometimes I felt...
This Intensive is currently filled with a waiting list. If enough people show interest, Dr. Margaret will do another virtual Intensive in July. Please call 888-646-6372 if you are interested in the July Intensive.
There are some big advantages to having it be virtual:  
  • It is way less expensive without room and board
  • People from all over the world can join without expensive travel fees.
  • You can do it from the comfort of your own home
  • You can bring your learning and healing into your home immediately! People found that they were able to go very deep in their healing process due to their issues being triggered in their own living environment.
  • You can easily move in and out of the Intensive - to get a drink or go to the bathroom or attend to something - without disturbing anyone.

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A 30-Day Home-Study Inner Bonding Experience with Dr. Margaret Paul, to self-heal anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, addictions and relationships.
30-Day video  
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"A huge thank you to Dr Margaret for being such a wonderful facilitator and teacher, and for creating Inner Bonding. I think the whole thing is brilliant. And thanks to spirit too. It's been just what I was searching for - the perfect combo of psychology and spirituality, helping us to confront and release our fears and helping us to truly love ourselves with spirit. Sending you so much appreciation Dr Margaret. From Luke."

Why Learning to Love Yourself Can Heal Your Relationships

Discover the key to finding, creating, and sustaining a loving relationship.

THE INNER BONDING WORKBOOK: Six Steps to Healing Yourself and Connecting With your Divine Guidance

THE INNER BONDING WORKBOOK is a powerful way of learning how to love yourself.
This book is available on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnesandnoble and Indiebound.  
If you want to learn Inner Bonding or deeper your Inner Bonding practice, this is the book for you!

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DIET FOR DIVINE CONNECTION: Beyond Junk Foods and Junk Thoughts to At-Will Divine Connection
Learn how junk food, junk thoughts, and resistance to self-love block at-will Divine connection and how to heal these blocks, empowering you to attain inner peace, joy and relationship healing.
A great companion book for The Inner Bonding Workbook!
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"Inner Bonding is truly changing me, to be able to connect deep inside myself any give my precious little girl all that love that I didn't get. It's so healing and I'm so very blessed to have found you in my path, so I can start healing that painful past.

You, too, can receive all the wonderful support and benefits of Inner Bonding Village.
  • A sense of belonging
  • A safe, compassionate community
  • Support for your self-healing
  • Supportive, professional advice
  • Learn how to love yourself rather than abandon yourself
Try Inner Bonding Village for one month for $4.95
With our tiered membership, you can pick the level you can afford.  

by Sylvia Poareo                                                
As everything is constantly changing, it is essential to return to the inner wisdom and spiritual guidance that can show us the way no matter what life brings.       
Every day we receive differing information as the pandemic unfolds. Fear and scarcity is driving a lot of the narratives and it is all too easy for people everywhere to move into their protective defenses of fear, control or...

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by Dr. Margaret Paul 

My experience of being pulled at by a very needy person at an Inner Bonding workshop.               
At an Inner Bonding workshop on the East Coast, I had a challenging experience. The first night, during an introductory evening before the workshop started, I noticed a tall, good-looking young man staring a hole through...

To register for the June 17-21 Intensive, call 310-459-1700 - currently filled. Call 888-848-6372 to express your interest in a virtual 5-Day Intensive in July. 
Every six weeks, Dr. Margaret starts a new Inner Bonding Telephone Support Group.There are many advantages to working in a group. Often, you receive as much or more benefit from others' work as you do your own. Others' issues can touch off your own and lead you deeper into the work you need to do.
You can call the number below to join the next 6-week group. The cost of the group is $50 for the 90 minute session.

Dr. Margaret Paul and other Inner Bonding facilitators work with individuals and couples on the phone and Skype.

Inner Bonding Facilitator Training Program - IBFTP
For information about our next training, click the above link. 
For information, to register for an intensive or a support group, or to set up a phone session with Dr. Margaret Paul, call Valerie at 888-646-6372 or 310-459-1700.


Hosted Chat

In this half hour chat, you can ask any questions you want and receive help and support with your Inner Bonding process, parenting issues, and relationship issues. 

Hosted Chat: The Importance of Laughter; Tuesday, June 2nd, 6 PM Pacific Time, 9 PM Eastern Time, with Dr. Margaret Paul.

People chat at many other times. You can check on the Member Home Page and see when people are chatting.


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