Crowd-Based Innovation for Educators
August 26, 2018: Back-to-School with Crowd-based Innovation
InnovateK12 Sandbox Demo Site
We have created a demo site for you to explore! Sign in using your district email address. Once you are logged in, you will be able to submit an idea, view ideas, and participate in PairMatrix Voting. This can be helpful to explore before launching your own event! If you are unable to access the site or are interested in accessing administrator privileges on this site, please email to request access.
Cohort Resources Updated!
Check out our redesigned resource page ! Here you will find resources to use for your innovation event, including graphic design samples, email communications, introductory videos, innovation landing pages and event logos!

The password for the cohort resource page is “ ik12cohort”.
Check out the InnovateK12 Webinar Series on YouTube!
MN Cup Semifinalist 2018
Although the InnovateK12 team didn’t advance to the finals of the very first Education and Training Division of the MN Cup competition, the team was honored to be a semifinalist among nine other amazing startup companies.

Congratulations to the three companies advancing to the division finals; Cytilife , Cedar Labs , and MANBOAT . The process helped us to refine our message and focus on our mission. We are still passionate as ever about bringing crowd-based innovation to frontline staff. 
InnovateK12 Event Calendar
All links to online meeting rooms and webinars can be found in the details of each event. To access this information, go to the InnovateK12 calendar or "Upcoming Events" panel on the cohort resource page.