Crowd-Based Innovation for Educators
September 10, 2018: K-12 Innovation Is Happening Here! Take a Look...
The Ideas Are Rolling In!
Pike County (GA) and Chaparral (KS) have launched their crowd-based events...and West Bloomfield (MI) is coming next week! Join the movement, and get your frontline staff engaged in the conversation.

Pike County Superintendent Mike Duncan is partnering with a local grocery store so that shoppers can " round up to support Pirate Nation Innovation ." Awesome idea, Mike!
Friends of InnovateK12...Let's Connect at October's EdSurge Fusion Event
If you're planning to be in San Francisco for the upcoming EdSurge Fusion event, please plan to join friends of InnovateK12 for an informal conference meet-up at the Marriott on the evening of MonOct1. We'll chat about next steps for the InnovateK12 team and share ideas for making the most out of the event. A link to the conference site is on the left, and here is a link to the EdSurge article published in June about InnovateK12!
Nicole Snedden Hosts InnovateK12 Webinar This Friday
This week's webinar features Minnetonka's Innovation Coordinator Nicole Snedden talking about a range of important topics: c ommunication during innovation event, metrics on the fly, and engaging non-certified staff in your crowd-based event. It promises to be a great webinar! If you want to see any of the previous webinar's click the link to the left for our playlist. If you're looking for this week's log-in, you can find it on the InnovateK12 website on the "Resource" tab (Password: "ik12cohort").
InnovateK12 Sandbox Demo Site
In case you missed it last week...We have created a demo site for you to explore! Sign in using your district email address. Once you are logged in, you will be able to submit an idea, view ideas, and participate in PairMatrix Voting. This can be helpful to explore before launching your own event! If you are unable to access the site or are interested in accessing administrator privileges on this site, please email to request access.
Christensen Institute: Top Five Innovations in K12 Includes Student Innovation Teams
Julia Freeland Fischer posted a great article about her predictions for disruptive innovation for 2018. My favorite innovation that she highlights is the emerging existence of continuous improvement the InnovateK12 network! Even more exciting is her belief that we need to include students in these networks - a perfect opportunity to highlight the potential of Student Innovation Teams as a part of the InnovateK12 toolkit. There is an exciting group of high schools participating in this initiative this year. If you're interested in joining the effort, send me an email!

On Twitter last week, Jen Hegna from Byron (MN) shared the story of how Byron's Student Innovation Team received some local media coverage. Super cool example of the power of Student Innovation Teams to make an immediate impact on a community. Thanks for sharing @jenhegna!!