Crowd-Based Innovation for Educators
August 13, 2018: Time to Beta-Test Your Innovation-Event Website
FriAug17 Webinar:
Beta-Test Your Innovation Site
On Friday, August 17th, the InnovateK12 team will host a webinar that will help you beta-test your innovation-event website. This is an important step in the process because it helps identify potential errors before your site goes live. The technical support team from Optum will join us to provide quick solutions if there are problems with site mechanics or to fix grammatical errors. Here's the link to the webinar...Don't miss it! (Shout out to Josh Swartz and his team at Chaparral KS for their "Spark the Change" branding! - Very cool!)
Website Still Under Construction? Let's Get It Ready!
InnovateK12's tech expert Kristin Daniels is ready to help you finalize your crowd-based innovation event landing page. Click the link above and connect with Kristin today so that your event page is ready to go when you need it. She'll have a few questions for you about page-setup and event dates, but it won't be long before your site is up and running!

To the left, you can see the creative branding that Prior Lake/Savage has developed for their event. Awesome!
Join Your Colleagues for Wednesday's Zoom Call - Noon CST
The InnovateK12 team hosts a Wednesday noon CST open call for cohort superintendents (or designees) who have questions or who want to connect on urgent topics. Consider it a sort of "Office Hours" for the 2018-19 cohort. There is no obligation to join, and all are welcome. The link to the Zoom call for WedAug22 at noon CST can be found here .
Don't Miss It...
Here's the Schedule for Friday Webinars in August
Every Friday at Noon CST we will host a topical webinar to support your implementation efforts. FriAug3's topic will address the main agenda item from last week's cohort meeting: Innovation Team Structures. Here is the list of the remaining topics for August:

  • FriAug10 = Communication Strategies for the Event
  • FriAug17 = Running a Beta Test for Your Website
  • FriAug24 = Designing Materials that Support the Event
  • FriAug31 = The Role of the Principal during the Event
New This Week:
InnovateK12 YouTube Channel
The InnovateK12 team is collecting videos that we think may be helpful to you as you grow a culture of innovation in your school or district. Subscribe to our channel so that you receive updates as more videos are submitted, curated, and archived. If you have a suggestion, let Kristin know!
Watch: FriAug10 Webinar on Communication Strategies
On Thursday, August 10th, the InnovateK12 team hosted a remote Zoom video webinar focused on various communication strategies for an innovation event launch. Click here to see the video recording of the webinar, and check the InnovateK12 website for notes and an updated Q&A based on questions from the meeting.

Note: The password for the Resource tab is "ik12cohort".